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How to Choose the Right Bra for a Teenager

Puberty can be awkward for a lot of teenagers. The sudden changes in the body make a girl self-conscious, and every mention of it can get embarrassing quite quickly. But it doesn’t have to be–with the best  bras for young ladies, your daughter can navigate through this period of her life with confidence and self-love. Choosing the  right-sized bra for your daughter can be challenging, but it’s possible with proper guidance, conscious decision-making, and the top-rated bras from Yellowberry.

What Is the Best Type of Bra for a Teenager?

Most girls start with a training bra. It’s an essential piece that your daughter will need for her day-to-day; however, there are many other types of bras that you should consider getting for her based on her lifestyle. 

Training Bra

A training bra, also known as a bralette, is a basic bra made of two layers of fabric (typically without any padding). It functions to give girls minimal coverage and support when their breast buds first appear.

Sports Bra

A sports bra is made for active girls, particularly those who play sports. It’s snug, designed to minimize breast movement, protect the skin, and wick away sweat during activities.

Underwire Bra

An underwire bra includes a flexible wire on the underside of the garment, just under the breast creases, to help lift the breasts. It offers great support, but because the wire can dig into the skin, some girls may find it uncomfortable.

Soft-Cup Bra

A soft-cup bra has foam cups that provide more padding and support. It’s great for girls with small to medium-sized breasts, or those who’d prefer not to wear underwire bras but still have the lift they need.

Strapless Bra

A strapless bra or a bandeau is a bra that doesn’t have any straps; it’s made out of an elastic fabric that holds it in place in the body. This is a great choice for your daughter if she likes wearing strapless tops, strapless dresses, or spaghetti-strap tank tops.

Crop Top

A crop top is like a very short t-shirt or tank top that cuts off at the midriff. It’s usually made out of cotton and may be slightly padded, and is ideal for girls who are at the early stages of puberty or those that want to transition more easily into wearing bras.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bra for Your Teenage Daughter

Follow these tips to make sure you provide your tween or teen with the best bras that will make her feel good in her own skin:

Don’t Make It Dramatic

Puberty is a big deal, but being overly fussy about the experience can embarrass your daughter. Instead of making it athing, breach the topic casually in bite-sized chunks. Don’t force her into anything she’s not ready for; instead, gently help her gain confidence to be more open about the bodily changes she needs to address.

Teach Her the Basics

Before you go bra shopping, equip your daughter with the basics of the process so she can make the best choices. Teach her about the different types of bras, how a bra should fit, what to look for in her undergarments, etc., and be prepared to answer any more questions she may have.

Find the Right Fit

The right-fitting bra can do wonders in making your daughter feel confident in her body. Get her measurements right and always check that she’s comfortable in the bra that she chooses.

Let Her Lead the Decision-Making

Your daughter is the one who’s going to wear the bra, so let her be in charge of choosing it. Give her the freedom to pick the style, feel, color, or design she wants.

Do Regular Checks

Teenagers grow quickly, which means they may have to update their bras just as fast. Do regular checks to ensure that her bras still fit properly; if they don’t, it’s time to buy new ones that do!

Find the Right Bra at Yellowberry

The right bras should fit well, be comfortable, and look great—and all the bras from Yellowberry do just that! Check out our catalog of bras for young ladies to find the best ones for your daughter.