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Finding the Right Summer Camp for Girls

Summer camp is a rite of passage for children and teens around the globe‒it’s a chance to try out exciting new activities, meet a diverse range of people, and explore a new environment. Finding the right summer camp for girls depends mainly on your daughter's interests, the budget you have available, and how far from home your daughter wants to be.

There are a vast range of options, and the camp you pick will impact everything from the summer camp clothes for girls you need to pack to the amount of money you can expect to spend. Are you looking for inspiration? Read on for all the tips you need to choose the perfect summer camp for your daughter!

Your Daughter’s Interests and Hobbies

The main point of camp is to have fun and learn new things‒so make sure you choose a camp that your daughter can enjoy.

Focus on her interests and hobbies‒would she want a high-action adventure camp dedicated to climbing, swimming, and being outdoors, or is she better suited to a more laid-back experience that focuses on arts and crafts? Is she a trackstar or softball fanatic? A dedicated sports camp could help her boost her skills and confidence and give her a headstart into a fantastic career. Perhaps she is an aspiring theater kid with a knack for performing–performing arts camp can be a great choice!

By honing in on what your daughter really loves and where her true strengths lie, you can pick a camp that will be the perfect fit for her so she can make the ultimate summer memories.

Cost and Equipment

The cost of summer camp will also play a role in your decision. Prices for camps tend to increase or decrease depending on the duration of the camp session and the activities they offer.

Specialist camps will usually be more expensive, though there may be financial assistance or scholarships available. Camps that require a lot of equipment‒more than simply a spare  change of clothes for summer camp‒will also come with a higher price tag.

Day Versus Overnight Camp

Another consideration may be whether your daughter is better suited to a day camp, where participants go home for the evenings, or a longer-term sleepaway camp, where they will stay for a week or more. This will depend largely on how confident your daughter is and how ready she is to be away from home.

The Type of Camp

Different camps have different ways of doing things, so read reviews online of each camp. For example, if the idea of strict  summer camp dress codes and lots of routines sounds like your daughter's idea of a nightmare, it’s best to avoid camps with this type of approach. On the other hand, if your daughter likes to be constantly busy and active, an action-packed camp could be the perfect fit.

Leap Into Summer With Yellowberry

Choosing the right summer camp is a big decision that should be made with your daughter's input and opinion. With plenty of research, a good conversation, and the ability to follow your instincts, you will be well on your way to picking the perfect camp to help your daughter make incredible memories.

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