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Do Summer Camps Have Dress Codes?

Attending summer camp is an excellent way for kids and tweens to build their confidence, make new friends, and gain independence as they venture from home. A key aspect of enjoying camp is choosing the right clothes, and many summer camps will have dress codes in place to help everyone feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed. Read on to learn more about the best girl’s summer camp clothes you can invest in to help your daughter enjoy every moment of the experience.

Summer Camp Checklist

There are a few essentials that should be on every  summer camp clothes checklist, and these include:

Comfortable Shorts

Pack five to six pairs of breathable, loose-fitted shorts. Camp is a time for running around and staying active, so pick options that help your daughter explore comfortably.

Jeans or Long Pants

Cooler nights are expected at camp, even during the summer months. Additionally, some camps offer horseback riding or other activities that require leg coverings. Make sure your packing list includes a couple of pairs of jeans or longer pants so she doesn’t miss out or shiver her way through campfire songs.

T-Shirts or Tanks

Always include plenty of t-shirts or tank tops and opt for natural materials to keep your daughter cool and comfortable while she rushes between activities. Add a couple of long-sleeved tops, as well, just in case the temperature drops.

Plenty of Socks

Another key essential is to pack plenty of socks‒this is one category where you should definitely overpack. Camp can be filled with muddy trails, large puddles, and dusty treks‒few things are more uncomfortable than wet feet!

Sweaters or Hoodies

Two high-quality sweatshirts or hoodies, like our Downtown hoodie, are also essential to keep your daughter cozy on a windy day or in the evenings. Once again, choose a good-fitting size and a lightweight and comfortable material.

The Best Clothes for Specific Camps

There are many different types of camps for tweens, and  choosing the right summer camp will impact which clothes you’ll pack. Some of the most common types of summer camps include:

Traditional Summer Camps

A traditional summer camp features all the classics: various outdoor activities such as hiking and climbing, swimming, performing arts, creative crafts, and so on. Due to the variety of activities, equip her with plenty of essentials, like our Midtown short and Uptown joggers!

Specialist Academic or STEM Camps

STEM and specialist academic camps can help your daughter realize her passions and ignite a whole new love of her interest. These experiences tend to be hands-on, so focus on equipping your daughter with comfortable clothing so that she can move easily.

Sports Camps

Young athletes can really benefit from targeted camps in their chosen sport. As expected, clothing here is all about being movable, breathable, and practical. Depending on the sport, your daughter may need specific items, such athletic camisoles with built-in bras, like our Shell Camisole or our unique hybrid sports bras!

Performing Arts and Theater Camps

When it comes to camps for performing theater and the arts, the dress code is generally focused on appropriate warm-up and performance clothes. This means plenty of sweatpants, workout leggings, loose t-shirts, and trainers for dance shows. Yellowberry’s new loungewear collection is perfect for dancing and embracing her inner actor!

In a Nutshell

Choosing the perfect clothes for your daughter’s summer camp will largely depend on her interests and hobbies and the type of camp she chooses. In most cases, however, the focus is on comfortable and practical clothing–explore our loungewear collection today to get started!