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How Often Do You Change Clothes at Summer Camp?

When your daughter heads off to summer camp, there are many things you need to remember‒and packing enough clothes is an important priority! At summer camp, most kids will change their clothes once or twice a day‒once in the morning to get ready for activities, and then once before bed.

However, this can vary from camp to camp, and can depend on the weather conditions and the activities offered. If you are struggling to pick the rightsummer camp clothes for teenage girls or are not sure how much to pack, read on for our ultimate guide!

Factors That Impact Wardrobe Changes

While many camps will see campers change their clothes once or twice a day, this number could increase, depending on factors such as:


Summer camps that offer a wide range of very physical activities will require you to pack more clothes for your daughter. If she is going to be running about, getting muddy, swimming, and more, then she will change her clothes more frequently. Similarly, a camp focused on a specific activity, such as swimming or sports, will require more changes of clothes for each session.


The weather is another factor that will impact how often clothes need to be changed and can be a key part of  choosing the right summer camp. Depending on the location, the camp you choose might be very hot and sunny, requiring her to change out of sweaty clothes for hygiene reasons. If it’s chillier, she may run through her layers a bit more quickly, as well.

Personal Preference

Personal preference is perhaps the most significant factor that will contribute to how often your daughter changes her clothes at camp, and this will largely come down to age, hygiene, and individual biology. If you know that your daughter tends to sweat or get very hot, pack more clothes for her to choose from each day.

Make sure you know what your daughter is comfortable with, and make choices based on her unique needs. Just be aware that there may not be daily laundry facilities available, so you will need to plan and pack accordingly.

Which Clothes Should Be Changed and When?

There are certain clothing items that will need to be changed every day, while others can last a little longer. Some of the main examples include:


Underwear will need to be changed daily, so make sure you pack plenty of spares to get your daughter through the length of camp‒it is always a good idea to have plenty of backups to put your daughter's mind at ease, and account for any unexpected situations. For undies she can feel cute and comfortable in, check out our seamless and cotton options for girls underwear!


Make sure you pack plenty of  summer camp leggings for your daughter to rotate to help keep her fresh and comfortable for the duration of camp.

T-Shirts and Camisoles

T-shirts and camisoles are worn directly on the body, which means that they are more likely to pick up grime and sweat. Ideally, these should be changed every day, especially if campers are enjoying a high level of activity for a longer period of time.

Jumpers and Hoodies

Jumpers and hoodies usually have at least one layer between the skin and the garment and, at summer camp, are likely to be worn for a few hours in the evening. The general rule is that these can be washed when they start to smell or if they become particularly grubby after a fun day!

Next Steps

Packing for summer camp can be a great time to bond with your daughter. You can discover her style for this new season in life, talk about your memories from camp when you were her age, and connect over her excitement.

To make sure your daughter has everything she needs, explore the Yellowberry website together. We have a high-quality line of comfortable loungewear and activewear, hybrid sports bras and camis, and undies that will help her feel like her best self!