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Summer Camp Clothes Packing Checklist

Before your daughter runs off to camp, put together a summer camp clothes packing list so you are sure she has what she needs to stay comfortable in various weather conditions and while participating in the range of activities the counselors have planned for campers.

Stress-Free Packing

Figuring out summer camp essentials for girls to pack for your daughter can be stressful, especially when she’s going for the first time. In most cases, the camp will send a recommended packing list and explain if there are any  summer camp dress codes you should be aware of. If you know the families of other experienced campers, don’t hesitate to ask them what they have found helpful in the past, too.

We’ve also included our tried-and-true items for your convenience. Some of the clothes (like pajamas) only apply to sleepover camps, which is noted in the list. Remember that summer camp is not a fashion show. It is about being comfortable and active, so make sure what she packs is sturdy and easy to clean!

Here’s our list to get you started:

  • Plenty of socks and a package of six Scout Seamless Underwear, so there are extras to change into if they get wet
  • A swimsuit that has extra ultraviolet protection and is suitable for lots of diving off piers and participating in water sports
  • Downtown Hoodie and Uptown Joggers from Yellowberry for layering in the evening and cooler weather
  • Well-worn t-shirts, shorts, and jeans that she won’t mind getting dirty or covered in paint splatters
  • Pajamas or other sleepwear (if it’s a sleepover camp)
  • Tennis shoes or sneakers
  • Sandals for walking in wet and slippery areas
  • Flip flops for hanging out and pools or showers
  • Rain boots
  • Specialty items if the camp has activities that require them, such as jodhpurs for horseback riding or waders for fly fishing.

Don’t forget to label her clothes and other items before placing them in her bag. A silver marker works well with dark clothes.

After you’ve laid out your daughter’s clothes for camp, take a second look and make sure there’s nothing that would be a problem if it got ruined or lost. This happens at camp, and you don’t want her to come home distressed about the condition of a piece of clothing.

Other Packing Considerations

In addition to clothes, add any medications she needs (make sure the prescriptions are refilled well in advance), sunscreen, insect repellant, comfort items (e.g., pillow, favorite stuffed animal, sleeping bag, blanket), toiletries, a couple of towels (when one is wet, she’ll need a backup), backpack, mesh bag for wet clothing, photo collage of family and friends back home if she is going to a sleepover camp, and refillable water bottle.

If the camp has a no-money and no-cell phone policy, don’t let your daughter sneak these items into her bag. There will be plenty of other ways for her to reach you if there is an emergency and you don’t want money or electronics to get lost at camp.

Also, make sure nothing in her bag is expensive or breakable, especially if you are thinking about  summer camp jewelry. Consider adding a diary or journal, some pens, and maybe a few disposable cameras for her to record her adventures and create long-lasting memories!