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Comfy Outfit Choices for Girls: Hoodies and More

The comfiest outfit pieces to go with the latest girls’ hoodie fashion trendsare tops that are perfect for layering and cozy, chic joggers. Loungewear is a well-established style of clothing that is extremely popular among young girls thanks to its versatility.

Layering with hoodies with mix-and-match bottoms offers endless outfit combinations your daughter can have fun with. To get the best wear out of her wardrobe, you’ll want to  buy girls’ hoodies and loungewear that are well-made using premium fabrics and materials.

Outfit Ideas for Hoodies

Hoodies are amazing because they can be both a top and serve as a form of outerwear! What you pair them with will completely change their aesthetic. It’s easy to layer camis and tees underneath or throw a cute jacket on top. Jeans can dress them up, too, while joggers or leggings can keep them cozy.

Hoodies and Joggers

A matching set of well-made hoodies and joggers is a comfy look you can infuse with personal style. Your daughter can go for a monochromatic look or mix up the color sets for a more expressive vibe. A hoodie paired with joggers is a great option for going from gymnastics practice to hanging out with friends. It doesn’t get more comfortable than this!

Hoodies and Denim

Jeans can be surprisingly comfortable and make a classic outfit when paired with a hoodie. Add a pair of stretchy denim jeans to a cute hoodie, and opt for sneakers or boots for a hip, street-style outfit. A jean jacket with a relaxed fit looks amazing with a hoodie peeking out from underneath.

Layers and Accessories

Hoodies are usually worn with at least one layer underneath, such as a camisole or t-shirt. Your daughter might not take her hoodie off and opt to treat her layers like undergarments, but she can pair her hoodie with a cute graphic tee so that there is another element to her outfit if she decides to remove a layer.

While hoodies are always casual and comfortable, they don’t have to look sporty! Personal touches of style can really elevate any outfit that features a hoodie. Purses, bags, jewelry, shoes, and jackets are great ways she can play with her budding style.

Outfit Ideas for Joggers

Much like hoodies, joggers don’t need to be paired with a hoodie or sweatshirt for a full sweatsuit look. Because joggers are so roomy and comfortable, wearing them with a long-sleeve or short-sleeve tee under a light jacket will still feel relaxed and cozy.

Sneakers are the classic go-to shoe for a nice pair of joggers. Joggers in neutral colors like navy, gray, or black are great staples, while bold colors are a fun way to bring personality to a comfy outfit.

Our Downtown Hoodie and Uptown Jogger are the perfect pieces to build comfy outfits around and create different looks with. Whether your daughter is going to school or spending time with friends, our pieces are designed to help her feel confident and stylish–no matter what!