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Can You Wear a Camisole Instead of a Bra?

Diving into the world of bras can seem like a giant leap for most tweens as they navigate the transition from girlhood to teendom. Luckily,girls' camisoles have come a long way since we shopped for our own bra solutions as preteens. Now, wearing a camisole by itself is common practice and is perfect for girls stepping into puberty!

Girls' camisoles at Yellowberry are engineered to be comfortable undergarments or even the star of the show. There are many layering ideas for camisoles so your daughter can style hers to feel confident and comfortable–she can layer a cami with a slouchy top, wear it comfortably under her favorite hoodie, or even wear it on its own.

Wearing a Camisole Instead of a Bra: What You Need to Know

When purchasing her first camisole, you need to think about versatility and purpose; not all camis are created equal! Some camisoles are loosely fitted, lacy, or even made with silk. This fit and material might not be ideal if she’s looking for a little extra support or layers under her costume for the school play!

If she’s just looking for a low-support option to layer under clothes, the Yellowberry Jane Classic Everyday Camisole is a straightforward layer that will give her the coverage she needs in a wide range of colors. Our Square Top Camisole offers a little more coverage in the straps, and is offered in two shades: Snowflake and Morning Mist.

Looking for a little more support? Our Flip Tank and Shell camisoles have built-in bras that are ideal for the girl who isn’t quite ready to commit to a bra yet. If she needs additional support and already wears a bra, these tops are comfortable and built for layering so she can have that support with a chic, snug fit.

Other Bra Alternatives

Does your daughter need support, but cup sizing and hooks are too intimidating? She’s not alone. There are several alternatives to traditional bras besides camisoles that she might find work for her best.

You can also buy a variety of items so she can rotate between camisoles and these other options:

Training Bras

Training bras are designed to be an introduction into the world of bras. Yellowberry offers a wide selection of stylish, cute training bras that make your daughter feel a little more grown-up, but not out of her depth. These bras come in a range of styles, fits, and colors so she can be confident in undergarments that are designed specifically for her developing body.

Sports Bras

If your daughter’s dream Saturday looks like dribbling on the basketball court, spiking a volleyball over a net, or pirouetting across a stage, she needs additional support. Yellowberry offers an exclusive line of sports bras that are designed for preteens and are always supportive without being restrictive.

Seamless Bras

If the bumps and bulges that come with bras are a deterrent for her, a seamless bra might be the perfect next step! Yellowberry seamless bras are our most comfortable bras yet, with moisture-wicking fabric that hugs her skin without digging into it.

Our seamless bras are crafted with thick, breathable fabric so she can enjoy full coverage while having a bra that’s virtually undetectable under t-shirts. Our Poppy seamless bra is ideal for girls with sensitive skin due to its antimicrobial, stretchy fabric.

Find Your Perfect Undergarment at Yellowberry

Camisoles are a great alternative for bras for developing tweens. A fitted, thicker fabric camisole will provide girls with minimal support, and Yellowberry offers camisoles with built-in bras to help with the transition to bras. If your daughter is looking for an alternative to traditional bras, she may find that seamless bras, training bras, and sports bras are great options to rotate through with her camisoles.

For more information regarding styles, sizing, and fits, check out our collection of exclusive Yellowberry camisoles today!