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What to Wear Over a Camisole: Layering Ideas for a Polished Look

As fashion progresses, the classic girls’ camisole is more than an undergarment–it’s a fashion staple. Growing up, many of us opted for wearing a camisole instead of a bra when we entered tweenhood. We definitely remember layering the fitted fabric, adjusting it constantly throughout the day to smooth out the bunching, or trying to find secret ways to look and feel more grown-up in these supportive tops.

Luckily, your daughter won’t have to survive the clumsy attempts we made with camisoles. Yellowberry has crafted the perfect smooth and seamless camisole fit, so she can embrace maturity at a pace that makes sense for her.

Camisoles have transitioned from being a bra alternative to a timeless piece that is as versatile as it is supportive. Nowadays, we don’t need to hide camisoles under other tops–they can steal the spotlight themselves!

In this article, we’ll dive into the most comfortable and empowering trends in camisoles and how your daughter can proudly wear hers.

The Three Best Ways to Layer a Camisole

One of the biggest fashion crimes against tweens was convincing them that camisoles are something to be ashamed of. We all grew up believing camisoles should be hidden and unseen, making them the awkward step before we got our first training bras.

Now, these high-quality undergarments look and feel just like any other basic tank or top, but with additional fabric to support your daughter’s developing body. Yellowberry has crafted comfortable camisoles that can be worn in a variety of styles so she can express herself through fashion and feel good in her clothes.

Here are our three favorite ways to style camisoles to feel confident:

Layer Under Tees

Unlike wearing a camisole by itself as a top (which is great for hot summer days or beachy vibes), wearing a cami under a t-shirt gives your daughter additional coverage.

Form-fitting camisoles are ideal for layering underneath other, looser layers because they won’t bunch the additional fabric. Opt for a camisole that is snugger in fit than any outer layers.

Wear Under Vests and Jackets

Nothing is better for the transition between warmer and cooler months than layering a camisole with sleeveless dusters or chunky-knit sweater vests. Cable knitwear has been a strong trend for the past several years, so pairing a neutral cami under a chunky-knit cardigan will have her feeling like her favorite off-duty popstar.

Dusters and camis go together like peanut butter and jelly, creating the effortless bohemian vibe that will make her look put-together and comfortable. Other casual layers, like shearling or faux-fur jackets, can help to dress up the camisole.

Want something a little more structured? Camis of all colors can be worn under a denim jacket or a blazer (this one is perfect for class presentations or debate club)!

Go With the Flow

Camis are the perfect underlayer for dresses, providing her with the coverage she needs and keeping her comfortable. Some materials can be scratchy or irritating to her sensitive skin, and camisoles can be a layer of protection that keeps her feeling confident all day.

In a Nutshell

Camisoles are a staple in any girl’s closet and can be paired with a range of garments to make her style shine. To find the perfect camisole for your daughter, check out Yellowberry’s selection today!