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Can You Wear a Camisole By Itself? The Dos and Don’ts of Camisole Styling

As your daughter emerges into the world of teen fashion, it’s easy to be excited for her new experimentation with fashion while also wanting to find stylish outfits that keep her comfortable and empowered. Yellowberry’scamis for girlsare designed to be versatile, so she can wear a camisole instead of a bra or wear it as a top itself.

If your daughter is just making the leap into tweendom and is struggling to find a solution that keeps her growing body supported and comfortable, camisoles may be the answer. Long gone are the days of layering camisoles underneath your usual tops–your daughter can confidently wear her camisole as a shirt without feeling out of place.

In this article, we’ll explore the dos and don’ts of camisole styling and effective techniques to keep your camisoles wrinkle-free so your daughter can feel confident in what she wears!

What Is a Camisole?

Traditionally, camisoles were worn as loose-fitting undergarments. Now, camisoles can be snug or loosely fitted, allowing for much more versatile styling. If your daughter is using a camisole to support her developing body, we recommend opting for a fitted camisole.

Camisoles are always held up with shoulder straps, but the width of these straps can vary, depending on the camisole. Yellowberry offers camisoles with spaghetti straps (a very thin shoulder strap) as well as thicker straps, so she can choose from a range of styles.

The Dos and Don’ts

Do: Embrace Monochrome

Monochrome has become a staple during the rise of athleisure wear. Whether she’s darting across the field for soccer practice or having a laid-back day watching movies with friends, she can match her camisole to her favorite leggings or loose yoga pants for an upgraded-casual look.

Some of our favorite camisoles to match with her cozy bottoms are our Shell camisole that is offered in colors Snowflake and Blue Jay, or our Jane Classic Everyday Cami, offered in a range of colors such as Huckleberry, Starry Night, and Navy.

Don’t: Match Form-Fitted Camis With Tight Jeans

Tight jeans can already be uncomfortable as it is, and paired with a tight-fitted camisole, your daughter will feel fully on display while being totally covered. Style-wise, this is a dated silhouette that can be very unforgiving with bumps and wrinkles in fabric.

Also, from a styling perspective, remember that opposites attract in fashion. Tucking in a camisole to an A-line skirt or flowy pants can create harmonious balance that looks more polished.

Do: Experiment With Texture and Layers

Camis are perfect to layer with chunky-knit sweaters, patterned hoodies, and over-the-shoulder tops! Yellowberry’s camisoles come in a range of colors so your daughter can experiment with neutrals or let her camis pop with bold colors to elevate her outfit.

Don’t: Layer Multiple Camisoles

The early 2000s were filled with preteens and teens layering multiple camisoles of various textures and colors. Thankfully, times have changed! With a camisole, your daughter may not even need to wear a bra, so no need to create a complicated tangle of straps.

Additionally, the fabrics will bunch together and create awkward bulges and wrinkling. To avoid this, only wear one layer of fitted clothing, and let the other top layers be larger or looser.

Do: Experiment With Length

Camisoles can be worn as cute crop tops, long and tucked in, or if they’re made with looser fabric, she can do a French tuck by only tucking in a portion of the cami at the front while the rest billows out effortlessly.

Don’t: Forget to Accessorize

Camis can come in a wide range of styles, so let your daughter make it her own with her favorite necklaces, scarves, and jackets! Camisoles can be dressed up for dinner with the family or dressed down for a night in.

For more tips on finding and styling the right camisole and camisole styling, Yellowberry has you covered! Check out our wide selection or browse our other articles today.