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Is a Camisole Considered Underwear?

When shopping forteen camisoles for your daughter, you may be wondering if she can wear them as a top to school. After all, they are typically worn under clothing, but they seem to offer an appropriate amount of coverage.

A versatile and functional camisole wardrobe is essential to creating stylish outfits, and understanding the role camisoles play in fashion will help you buy the right items for your daughter.

Today, we’re navigating the fashion norms of camisoles to determine whether or not they’re considered underwear. With this information, you’ll be able to help your daughter feel comfortable and confident in her clothes.

What Are Camisoles?

Camisoles are loose-fitting, sleeveless tops with thin straps. They may have a lace trim or padding, but not all camis have these features. They’re different from spaghetti strap tops because spaghetti straps are more likely to have patterns on them and more likely to be worn over other garments rather than under them.

Are Camisoles Underwear?

Some people consider camis to be underwear because they’re worn under clothing. However, they’re technically ‘innerwear.’ Innerwear is clothing worn underneath other clothing near the skin.

On the other hand, underwear is worn underneath all outer clothing, directly touching the skin. For example, bras and panties would be considered underwear because they’re covered completely by other articles of clothing. Camisoles are not the bottommost layer of clothing, so they’re not underwear.

Camisoles can also be worn as outerwear–they’re opaque, offer coverage, and extend to the waist. However, your daughter’s school may not allow camis to be worn on their own due to dress codes.

Whether camisoles are outerwear or innerwear all depends on how they’re worn. If you’re layering a top over them, they’re innerwear. If they’re being worn as a top on their own, they’re outerwear. There’s a time and a place for both!

How Are Camisoles Worn?

There isn’t a wrong way to wear a camisole. Your daughter can wear them under sheer tops or jackets, or she can wear them on their own! Depending on the style, she may be able to forgo a bra if she’s wearing one, as some come with built-in bras.

Under certain tops, camis are sometimes meant to be seen, but are never meant to be flashy. They provide an additional amount of coverage or even a layer for warmth.

Camis come in many colors, with the most popular options being black, white, and skin-toned. It’s a good idea to buy your daughter at least one in each of these neutral colors.

Where Can I Find Teen Camisoles?

We recommend buying more than one camisole. Having the right amount in the right colors will ensure that your daughter’s wardrobe is outfit-ready.

If you’re struggling to find appropriate camis for your teen or preteen, Yellowberry is here to help. We carry a few different styles in a variety of colors, giving your daughter options to work with. Shop our selection today to upgrade her wardrobe today!