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How to Fold Camisoles: Keep Your Tops Wrinkle-Free

Teens have a lot on their plates, and the last thing they want to worry about is keeping their wardrobe in pristine condition. If you recently bought your daughter a nice camisole or made one with a step-by-step guide to crafting your own camisole, you want to take proper care of the garment to extend its life. This includes essential practices like keeping it wrinkle-free and stored properly.

Think about those mornings when you're in a rush and your daughter is looking for that one specific camisole to complete her outfit. Well-folded, wrinkle-freecamisoles for girlsshould be easy to find and ready to wear right away.

That's why it's essential not just to toss them in a drawer and store them any which way, but to do it correctly. This skill, while seemingly insignificant, will make your daughter’s morning routine smoother and give her a sense of responsibility and pride in taking care of her belongings.  

Care Suggestions for Camisoles

Here are some tips to easily keep her camisoles wrinkle-free and ready to wear:

  1. Lay Them Flat

Begin by laying the camisole flat on a clean, smooth surface with the front side facing down. If the camisole has intricate details like lace or beads, laying it on a flat surface helps preserve these delicate features. Use the pinch-and-smooth technique of pinching the fabric between your thumb and forefinger and smoothing it out toward the edges. This will help eliminate creases. 

2. Fold in Half Lengthwise

Fold the camisole in half lengthwise so that the two side seams meet. Align the straps together, as well. Straps can easily get tangled or twisted, so lay one strap over the other, ensuring they are perfectly parallel.

3. Smooth and Align

Take a moment to smooth out any additional wrinkles that may have formed. Make sure the edges are aligned neatly. Focus on common wrinkle zones–like the sides and hem–to ensure they're as smooth as possible. 

4. Fold in Thirds or Halves

If your daughter's camisole is on the longer side, go for a third fold. Start by folding the bottom section upward, then fold the top section downward to cover it.

This ensures a more compact and stable shape, which is excellent for storage and minimizes the risk of crumpling or tangling. If the camisole is shorter, a simple half-fold should do the trick. Just bring the bottom up to meet the top, aligning the hemlines as closely as possible.

5. Handle the Straps

If the straps are long or loose, you can tuck them into the fold so they don't dangle and get entangled with other clothes. They should be contained within the body of the garment, reducing the risk of them getting tangled with other clothing items. A good technique is to fold them back over the main body of the camisole before the final fold, securing them within the fabric.

6. Final Press

Give the folded camisole a final hand press to eliminate any lingering wrinkles. If your daughter's camisole has stubborn wrinkles, using a handheld steamer before folding can offer a quick and effective solution. 

7. Store Properly

Place the folded camisole in a drawer or on a shelf. If you’re using a drawer, store it vertically (like file folders) so you can see all your options at a glance and reduce the need to rummage through a pile, which can cause wrinkling.

Drawer dividers are an excellent organizational tool that keeps camisoles neatly folded and segregated from other clothing items. They help maintain the shape and fold of the garment and make it easier to locate a particular camisole when it's time to wear it. Having designated compartments for camisoles can save you and your daughter both time and frustration during busy mornings.

Camisoles for Any Occasion

Camisoles are an invaluable addition for moms seeking to enhance their daughters' wardrobes. These versatile pieces are as functional as they are stylish. Wearing a camisole by itselfor layered under cardigans or jackets for school allows your daughter to express her individual style.

Why settle when you can give your daughter extraordinary comfort and style? Yellowberry's camisoles are a blend of both, creating a perfect addition to her evolving wardrobe. Browse our selection today and take the first step in elevating her comfort!