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Can Adults Wear Training Bras? Hint: Yes!

Finding the right bra is a journey, no matter your age. Our bodies tell us very clearly what it feels like to wear a bra that isn’t correctly fitted, making it easy to remember a  perfect first bra and what it feels like to wear a bra without any pinches and sliding straps—one that is comfortable and allows free movement.

Sometimes, that perfect fit is found in a training bra, even when you’re an adult–which is totally fine!

Finding the Right Bra Isn’t Always Easy

Finding the right bra can be challenging; plastic surgeon Dr. Edward Pechter points to a  study that estimated approximately 80% of all women wear the wrong bra size. This can lead to breast and chest pain, abrasions left by straps, and even bruising from an underwire.

The right bra sits comfortably on your chest while offering your breasts support so you can move freely throughout the day. You may have tried various different types of bras and found that a training bra still feels best.

There is no set age when a woman is supposed to stop wearing a training bra. If it fits properly and comfortably, hang on to that perfect-fitting bra. A training bra can be perfect for people whose breast size fluctuates due to hormones, or who experience breast and nipple tenderness. Not every body is the same, but any person can wear a training bra.

Reasons to Trade In Your Training Bra

While your training bra may be a great fit for you now, there are other factors to consider for when to stop wearing training bras. Training bras are a comfortable way to protect sensitive and growing breasts. However, as breasts develop, many people graduate from training bras to other styles. It’s an individual choice, but as a woman matures, she often thinks about aesthetics, function, and longevity.

Aesthetic Considerations

One of the main reasons people choose to level up from training bras is aesthetics. Training bras are typically designed for and marketed to tween girls, which can make their design and appearance somewhat limited for adults. However, brands such as Yellowberry make training bras that keep up with current trends for all ages, including designs that suit the comfort level of growing girls.

If you are looking to find a bra that is a little sexier or a different style that complements an evolving wardrobe with lower-cut tops or strapless tops, trading in your training bra might be necessary. A training bra might be more difficult to conceal when wearing certain clothing and distract from the outfit you’re wearing.

Bralettes can be a helpful alternative if you are seeking low-level support but more variation in bra style. 


Comfort is the main focus of bras; they are all designed to support your breasts so you can focus on your day without discomfort. Training bras offer very low levels of support, which is why they are ideal for growing breasts and bodies. However, as our bodies grow and change, we need new support levels. Sometimes, we even need varying levels of support depending on the activity.

A higher level of support is necessary for sports and other active ventures. Sports bras are designed to provide optimal support and structure so you can move freely during the activity.

The padding in training bras may seem like it offers more support, but this padding only protects the nipple. Remember, training bras exist to provide comfort and protection for young women and growing breasts. If you are looking for something between training bras and sports bras, Yellowberry offers hybrid sports bras. Hybrid sports bras are a comfortable way to get a higher level of support while adjusting to a new bra style.

Longevity and Durability

Over time, even the highest-quality, best-fitting bras wear out. Sports bras, lacy balconettes, and training bras will end up with stretched-out straps and worn-out cloth. Having old clothing can make you feel less empowered and less confident–it can also fail to provide the support it once did. Trading in your training bras may be necessary regardless of your stage in life or your breast development. Bras should actually be replaced every six to twelve months to ensure proper fit and support.

In Conclusion

If you love your training bras, keep them in your closet! Just make sure you are replacing the ones you wear regularly to maintain support. There is no set age when you need to stop wearing training bras, but if you are looking for variation in style and support, consider adding other bra styles to your wardrobe. Your bra should fit you comfortably so you can perform your best throughout the day!