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Are Training Bras Padded?

Talking to your daughter about training bras is a huge milestone. Discussions about puberty are important, but it can be difficult to know where to start. As her body grows and develops, your main concern is her comfort.

Transitioning into womanhood comes with physical changes as well as emotional ones–a training bra, especially one with some padding, is a great first step in helping her embrace a growing body.

Why Choose a Training Bra?

Training bras are designed to maximize comfort for sensitive, developing breast buds. They protect tender nipples from irritation and help your daughter get accustomed to wearing bras.

Some training bras are padded and some are not; most will have removable padding so your daughter can decide for herself if she wants to wear padding or not. This padding serves as protection for the nipple area, not to increase the appearance of breast size or provide any push-up function.

Picking the right training bra for your daughter can be tricky. You want to be sensitive to how she feels about her changing body and you want to make sure you’re keeping up with those changes. By providing her with information about her body’s needs, you create a safe and private means for her to learn what is right for her. 

Common Questions About Undergarments for Developing Bodies

The internet is a great resource for information, but it can be misleading and confusing, too. Your daughter may be tempted to see if she is ‘normal’ or learn about beauty standards through social media. As a parent, you can sift through this information so she makes the choices that are right for her.

How Long Does My Daughter Need a Training Bra? 

There is no set age for wearing a training bra–even adults can wear training bras! As long as the bra is fitted comfortably, anyone can wear a training bra. Padded training bras can also be a stepping stone between your daughter’s first training bra and her first adult bra.

Be sure to swap out training bras if they show signs of wear and tear (stretched straps, worn cloth, etc.) or if your daughter is experiencing any discomfort. 

How Can She Feel Confident in Her Bra?

Finding a brand that focuses on function and comfort is important. She will want to feel like she fits in and is up on the trends. Yellowberry offers undergarments that keep up with current styles without sacrificing comfort–our designs are modern while remaining-age appropriate so that she can fit right in.

In Summary

Growing up comes with a lot of questions, and you want to guide your daughter during this sensitive time. You want her to feel empowered in her new body while being able to keep up with her activities. By helping her find the bras that are most comfortable for her, you can raise a strong young woman ready for anything. Yellowberry has you covered with a wide range of styles sure to suit any girl’s taste!

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