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Are Leggings Okay for Summer Camp?

Part of the excitement of summer camp is planning and picking out a range of clothes and outfits‒and this can be particularly fun when you have a daughter! For the most part, you can keep pieces relatively simple, and leggings are the perfect basic to see your daughter through summer camp. They can be paired with a range of items, are comfortable and easy to move in, and will allow your daughter to focus on having plenty of fun.

If you are looking for a range ofcute summer camp outfits for girls, then you are in the perfect place‒read on for all the inspiration you need!

Why Are Leggings a Great Choice?

Leggings are the perfect summer camp staple for your daughter for a variety of reasons, including:


Leggings are comfortable, movable, and easy to wear, allowing your daughter to stay active and enjoy camp without restriction or discomfort.


Leggings are also budget friendly, and this makes it easy to invest in plenty of pairs. It’s important to have multiple changes of clothes for summer camp, because you never know what adventures will leave a mess! Plan to have multiple items in her duffle bag so she can have fresh clothes each day. 

The best options are leggings designed for sports or activewear, and, while these can be a little more expensive, they are still relatively affordable. Plus, they’re easy to pack and take up less space than jeans or baggy pants!

Easy to Wash

Leggings also wash and dry quickly, making it easier for your daughter to manage laundry, and ensuring that there is always a fresh pair of leggings ready and waiting to go.


Leggings also tend to be durable and hardwearing, making them the ideal choice for withstanding the rough and tumble of camp.

How to Style Leggings for Camp

One of the main advantages of leggings is their versatility‒they can be paired with a number of items to help your daughter look and feel her very best. Some of the most stylish combinations include:

Hoodie and Leggings

This is a classic, timeless look that is perfect for camp and will help your daughter look and feel super stylish while giving her the freedom to move. Pair them with cute sneakers for a practical, fashionable look.

Camisole and Leggings

For warm, busy days, pairing a cute camisole and leggings is the perfect look for camp. Once again, this is a combination that not only looks great but also allows freedom of movement and flexibility for a number of events.

T-Shirt and Leggings

Another classic look is the traditional t-shirt and leggings combination, which can be great for layering when the weather is unpredictable!

Moving Forward

Leggings are the perfect option when you are hunting for  new summer camp clothes for your daughter at her next summer camp‒and our tips will help you choose the perfect pair, as well as create looks that will help your daughter enjoy her time away. Check out the loungewear options from Yellowberry today!