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Do I Need New Clothes for Summer Camp?

Heading off to summer camp is an opportunity filled with potential, excitement, and planning‒and deciding on the right clothes to bring is often a crucial part of the process. The truth is that there is no need to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe for your daughter when she heads to summer camp, though this can be an excellent bonding activity for the two of you to share. In most cases, many of the essentials needed for camp will already be in your daughter's closet.

Read on to learn more about some of the most crucialsummer camp clothing essentials, and ensure your daughter gets off to a fantastic start on her latest summer adventure!

Summer Camp Clothing Essentials

There are a few items of clothing that are a must-have on any packing list for tweens, and these include:


Invest in a few pairs of comfortable shorts to help your daughter make the most of the summer weather. Not only will these help your daughter stay cool when the temperature starts to climb, but they are also practical and functional enough to stand up to the rough and tumble of camp, ensuring plenty of movement for running, jumping, climbing, and other intensive activities!

Jeans or Long Pants

It is also wise to pack a couple of pairs of jeans into your daughter's bag, as evenings can be cool, even in the height of summer. This will ensure that she is prepared for any weather and may also be a better fit for horseback riding, campfire stories, and more.


Another essential is a few quality t-shirts. In most cases, the weather at camp will be warm and sunny, so you don't want your daughter overheating or becoming uncomfortable. Invest in cotton fabrics in various colors, and she will have the perfect camp wardrobe staples.

Leggings or Sweatpants

Staying comfortable is another important priority at camp, and equipping your daughter with stylish, comfortable loungewear is vital. For maximum versatility, invest in a few pairs of  summer camp leggings and sweatpants–this will allow you to cover all weather situations and activities.


Hoodies are the perfect solution to a drop in temperature‒they are versatile and are quick to take on and off. Finding the right hoodie is important. Try on a few options with your daughter and determine whether she prefers fitted or oversized pullover style versus zip-up. A good hoodie can last for many years to come, so take a look at Yellowberry’s new Downtown hoodie!

Comfortable Shoes

In most cases, a good pair of comfortable sneakers will be all you need for camp. Make sure that the shoes you choose are the right size and that your daughter has a chance to break them in ahead of camp by wearing them out and about–this is important for preventing blisters. We also recommend investing in sneakers that are suitable for a range of terrains and surfaces, including muddy trails!

If your daughter is attending a specific type camp, additional footwear may be required, but this will be clearly listed in your communication with the camp. These could include basketball shoes, dance shoes, and boots.


Camisoles can be another useful addition to our packing list. They can be very useful for layering underneath a t-shirt or hoodie. They offer an extra layer of protection, which can be useful when your daughter is in a less predictable climate!

Packing for Summer Camp

The bottom line is that while it is nice to go out and buy all new clothes for summer camp, this is not automatically a requirement. As you can see, many of the essential staples are items your daughter likely already has in her closet, saving you money and time.

If her closet needs a refresh or she’s outgrown her clothes from last summer, take a look at Yellowberry’s Uptown Joggers, Downtown Hoodies, and our collection of other athleisure and loungewear!