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Age For a Training Bra

Generally, girls might want to introduce a training ba when they first start showing signs of breast development. There’s no recommended precise age, but around 8 to 10 years old is widely accepted as a good starting point.

A training bra is a specialized bra designed for young girls (tweens). The primary function of tween bras is to provide protection and support for tender breast buds and nipples; sometimes, training bras can help tweens adjust to wearing regular bras because its a habit that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. 

In addition to its practical uses, some young girls view the wearing of a training bra as a rite of passage to womanhood. This is because, by wearing these types of underclothing, they are telling the world and themselves they are maturing into young women. This is a belief that is quite common, and good news for parents learning what buying a bra for a teenager entails. 

Parents of young girls should also realize that a training bra is only appropriate for tweens with tiny breasts that have not fully developed or are just beginning to; those who have passed this phase should look for different bra styles such as underwire or soft-cup bras. This is a critical element to consider when you finally start to look at how to measure for a tween bra

When Is Your Daughter Ready for a Training Bra?

For many parents, having a conversation about breast development with their daughter can be a bit awkward. 

Regardless, it is vital that you have this chat because your daughter’s body will go through different stages of growth. Breast development is one of those changes that might be confusing for her.

Most healthcare providers say that as soon as a tween starts developing breasts buds (which at times can be small and very tender) under the nipples, you should get them a training bra. Once their breasts develop enough to fill a B-cup, you can get them a standard bra.

Views Toward Bras

Many years ago, medical professionals viewed training bras as a tool to prevent the stretching and sagging of breast tissues. This was proven to be somewhat misguided as most young girls just beginning to develop breasts usually have very minimal breast tissue, and this fact contradicts the belief that training bras can help in this way.

On a societal level, training bras are often considered a psychological booster for young girls who are slow to develop and are sensitive about this. On the flip side, for those who mature early, training bras can offer them the coverage they need to avoid feeling self-conscious about their bodies.

Puberty can start as early as age eight among girls and sometimes even sooner—and can last well into the teenage years. As a result, the age girls start to develop breasts can range significantly. As a parent, you shouldn’t let your young daughter’s age dictate the decision about when to get her a training bra. Instead, when you get your tween a bra should be based on telltale signs such as the appearance of breast buds and conversations you have with your daughter regarding her body and her feelings about her physical changes.

Final Thoughts

Puberty is happening in girls much earlier these days. This, in turn, has caused some parents to wonder what the right age is to get their young daughter her first training bra. 

When your young daughter should start wearing a training bra will be based on several factors, including physical, psychological, social, and personal reasons. Of course, when she is ready to start the search for her perfect first bra, Yellowberry is ready to help with our wide range of styles, fits, and designs!