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How to Measure For a Tween Bra

Some tweens can't wait for their breasts to start developing, while others are scared of the idea. Most young girls have strong feelings when it comes to bras for young ladies, and once your daughter begins this phase of her life, you’ll need to guide her to find the right bra size that is comfortable and practical for her body.

Social Factors

When you’re learning about tips to buy bras for tweens,  it’s important to remember the impact culture has on women. As girls mature and start to go through puberty, they begin to develop breasts, signifying that they are entering a new life stage. This change is even more relevant because of increased, often unwanted, attention.

As a mom, you must remember that in today's society, many women in movies and magazines have large breasts that are superficially idealized. As a result, your tween may worry about whether or not her breasts are the correct size. This is why you should always try to remind her that beauty is much more than one's bra size–many women come in different shapes, sizes, and proportions and are all equally beautiful.

How to Find Bra Sizes for Your Tween

Wearing the right bra size can provide your young daughter with many benefits. The right bra size can help reduce pinching, sliding around, and overall comfort. So, before you go shopping for bras, spend a bit of time learning about the different sizes available in the market.

For starters, there is chest size–also referred to as the band size–and cup size.

The band or chest size is represented by numbers–it is the part of the bra that runs across the chest and around the back. The cup size refers to the parts of the bra that support the breasts–this size has designated dimensions marked with letters.

Bras come in a wide range of sizes and combinations of measurements. When making a purchase, you must get both the chest and cup sizes right to ensure the bra will fit your tween properly. Some bra makers also provide half-size cup options so girls can get a better fit.

It is also a good idea that before you purchase a bra for your tween, you have a try-on session. This is practical and will make the entire process more fun and less awkward. If she doesn't want to be measured by the staff at the store, you can bring a tape measure with you. This may help her feel more relaxed, and possibly help her want to try on a few more bras before settling on one. In addition, once you get the size down, you can try various colors to match some of her outfits to make her feel more stylish.  

In Summary

Some tweens look forward to getting their first bra, while others can’t stand the idea. Bras can protect breast tissue and provide necessary support, and some tweens wear bras to feel more comfortable—a bra can also make your tween feel less exposed whenever she wears something light, like a t-shirt. Getting used to wearing a bra can take some time as it can bag or gap, pop open, ride up, or dig in. Finding the right fit is key, and with love and knowledge, you can help your tween navigate this new phase of her life.