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What Color Bras Don't Show? Choosing Bras for a Discreet Look Under White Tees

White tees are a staple in any girl’s wardrobe. They’re a classic, and they work with any pairing, whether that’s denim jeans or a flowy skirt. 

But as your daughter grows up, just putting on her favorite white tee can get a little bit complicated. As her body develops, she now has to think about what bra to wear underneath–how to not show bra lines, how to avoid bulging, how to prevent a fashion faux pas, etc. 

Aseamless bra for girls, such as Yellowberry’s Tulip, Poppy, or Sugar bra, is her best bet to achieve a discreet look while staying comfortable and supported. But in what color? In this article, we’ll break down three popular bra color choices for wearing under white tees–white, nude, and (surprise!) red–and which one actually works the best. 

The Truth About the White Bra

The quintessential white bra–every girl has it; it was probably even your first bra (and the first bra you bought for your daughter). It’s basic and works with almost any piece of clothing. But if you thought that it was the best color bra to wear under a white tee, think again.

While it might make sense to wear white on white, this actually gives you the opposite of a discreet look. A white bra under a white tee will highlight the breasts and make bra lines even more visible. This is because the color of the bra will contrast the skin, making its appearance more obvious to the eye. 

So, while you should definitely always stock your daughter’s wardrobe with white bras, it’s best to tell her not to pair them with her white shirts.

What Color Bras Don’t Show Under White Clothing?

If not the white bra, what color bras are the best to use under white clothes? There are two answers: nude and red. 


A nude bra is the go-to solution for a no-show bra look under a white tee. It will essentially be just like a second skin and practically invisible under a white shirt. That said, it’s important to find a neutral-colored bra that matches your daughter’s skin tone. The closer the color is to her skin, the less it will show through her outfit.

If your child is fair, pale, peachy pink is the best choice. If she has a darker complexion, opt for something in a more beige or chocolatey shade. Most beige-toned nudes work with medium-toned skin. Nowadays, most underwear brands, including Yellowberry, offer bras in different nude shades to match any skin color.


It might sound counter-intuitive, but many women have found that red-colored bras are effective in achieving an invisible look under white tees. There’s a science behind it–skin naturally has red undertones, which allows red bras to contrast perfectly with the skin. 

Of course, it’s important to use the right shade of red. Anything that’s more pinkish (e.g. fuchsia or hot pink bras) will still catch attention.

Achieve a Discreet Look Under White Tees with Yellowberry

What is the point of a seamless bra if not to give your daughter the most natural feeling underwear experience? They form around the body so well, making them almost undetectable under any type of clothing–including white tees. 

Yellowberry offers some of the best seamless bras for girls. They’re made with thick fabric, adjustable straps, and zero hooks or pins, maximizing comfort and support. Plus, they come in different colors (including different shades of nude) to ensure that your daughter has a bra to wear confidently for any occasion and with any outfit!