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Our Most Requested Product EVER.  Our Wish Bra gives supportive definition through shearing and soft space for girls to grow. This means there is room  for development without cups, padding or underwires. This bra is double-layered and fully lined to ensure coverage This style features a covered elastic torso band, a lovely u-shaped back, adjustable straps that are also convertible. The inset in the front design gives extra coverage, while maintaining light to medium support. The Wish Bra is made for growing and developing girls with a sophisticated, contemporary design. Although created for older girls, this does make an exceptional first bra because of the technical fit and design.

  • Nylon / Spandex fabric blend
  • Matte brushed finish for absolute comfort and softness
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone’s life easier)
  • Anti-wicking and antimicrobial

Yellowberry is thrilled to partner with the The  Get In Touch Foundation for the launch of this bra. They are a passionate non-profit specifically focused on providing free and accessible information, empowering all to make breast health simple, appropriate, and routine. We encourage you all to download The Get In Touch Foundation’s FREE “Daisy Wheel” App and set regular reminders so you can know your normal and be your own health advocate. Read more about our partnership with this wonderful organization  HERE!



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews
    Nice Bra!

    The bra is made of a high quality fabric and I am very impressed!

    Super cute and comfortable

    This is thick, cute, and comfortable. A perfect transition from a beginner bra.

    Great fit and feels great!

    My daughter loves her new bras. We keep coming back for new styles and sizes.

    A Real review by a mother & her daughter

    Finding a training bra that fit my preteen daughter the way she needed it to was a real challenge, in part due to her small band size. She Hated the way so many training bras & sports bras would hit her in the armpit, so much so she refused to wear a bra at all. We had a horrible, & embarassing for her, shopping day trying to find a bra that would work. We'll call it her 1st official bra shopping day. Big disappointment & no success. I'd found Yellowberry during an online search for bras that came in her size, but was reluctant to pay so much for a bra for an 11yr old. "Back in my day there were training bras that had front clasps and didn't cost so much." I was reluctant to buy a yellowberry bra but ended up contacting the company to verify the sizing and ask a few questions regarding the fit, as I wanted her to be able to Finally have a bra she'd wear and be comfortable in. My contact with the company was a bit delayed on their part, and I was never given a clear answer on whether the bra size I'd planned to order would be the 'correct' size. I was given a tracking # but was never able to track the package. I'm glad it arrived. The packaging was indeed lovely. Daughter wasn't keen on the bra until she tried it on. She forgot she was wearing it! Her only negative comment is that the elastic band "is a bit too firm." Initial wear left marks from the band eventhough it wasn't snug, the second wear did not leave any marks. She forgets she's wearing it, and it's the only one she has that she'll wear. We haven't made her love bras but she no longer wants to burn them.

    Love it!

    My daughter loves the feel and fit of this bra. So comfortable. She likes the double lining with no padding.

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