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Tips for First Bra Buying Parents

You might be wondering some of the same things most every parent asks us when they come to Yellowberry.  You are not alone, and many of you have the same questions!  This is a big step for your daughter, and for you as her parent.  The most important thing to remember is that we want your daughter to have a positive, empowering and super special first bra experience! That’s the reason we’re here, and we couldn’t be more excited to help you through this process.

1. My daughter is very anxious about her first bra.

This is very normal! It’s totally new for her. We want to do everything we can to offer you both support, give her confidence with great products, and make sure she knows that this is a totally normal thing that all girls go through.  A first bra is a step in the process of growing up, and that’s exciting! Our goal is to make this as easy as possible, and put a smile on her face in the process. 

2. Is cotton the best fabric to start with? 
Our most popular first bra styles are cotton. The fabric is not new for girls, which makes it an easy transition.  Our cottons are incredibly soft and offer both the coverage and comfort girls want.  We recommend the cotton Ladybug,  Pipit and/or the Aspen for sure!
3. My daughter doesn't want to wear a bra.
That's totally normal. We recently introduced the ShellCamisole that is a perfect solution. The Shell has a built in shelf bra, adding support and an extra layer for her as she develops. Many girls start by wearing our Shell as they transition into wearing bras.
4. My daughter is sporty – which bra is best for her?
The Luna Tink and Firefly styles are great options for a girls’ first bra too, especially if she is looking for more of a sports bra style.
5. Do your bras have padding? Will her nipples show?
None of our first bras have padding. Each style is double layered with great fabrics to ensure full coverage, we guarantee it.  We believe that girls who are beginning to develop don’t need padding!  We want them to feel comfortable and confident in their own skin, as they are now, which is why we don’t see a need for added padding of any kind.
6. What color should I buy? Just white and nude?
If your daughter wears a school uniform, white and/or nude colors are perfect. Underneath white and light colored shirts, that is also a great choice.  However, if your daughter wants a bit more color (and we see a lot of girls that do!), listen to her!  This decision differs so much from girl to girl, and we recommend asking her to help choose the colors with you.  If she wants all color or none at all, we want her to feel comfortable and (most importantly) confident in these bras!
7. How do I measure her?
Please see our size chart for specific directions! We have added ages to our size chart that may help as well.  Be sure to follow the appropriate size chart for the bras you would like to purchase!
8. How should this bra fit?
The bra should be snug around her torso, but not too tight. Make sure the band is tight enough (but not uncomfortable!) so that when the straps are adjusted correctly, the bra stays in place when her arms are above her head. It should be comfortable, and the style she chooses should make her feel strong and confident!
9. Which style is best for her?
Our Style Guide is coming soon! Please know that any bra that makes your daughter feel comfortable and confident is a perfect choice!