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What Type of Bra Should a Tween Wear?

For most young girls, wearing a bra for the first time evokes a host of emotions, from being anything from exciting to terrifying to nerve-wracking. As a parent, taking your little girl to get her firsttween undergarments can be a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Regardless of how anyone involved feels about it, finding that first bra is necessary and inevitable, and with so many styles and brands available in the store, it’s hard to know what kind of bra your tween will like and be comfortable in. Doing a little research before you go can make the bra-selection process easier for both of you.

To ensure that your daughter's first bra fitting is a comfortable experience, you should start her off with a beginner or training bra. She can start her journey into womanhood by learninghow to wear a training bra, which will serve as a bridge to the world of adult bras. Once she switches from a beginner or training bra to a conventional one, she will be able to understand the usage of different bras as she grows.

Crop Top Bras

Slip-on bras (often called crop top bras) are ideal for tweens. They are a comfortable option when trying to get young girls into the habit of wearing bras, and they function well in the early stages of breast development, providing good coverage for budding breasts and offering the right amount of support. In addition, these kinds of bras are available in seamless and pad-less styles.

Lightly Padded T-Shirt Bras

If your daughter is on the fence about wearing a bra and wonderingif a tween even needs to wear a bra, a lightly padded bra might be the best choice. These are often the most comfortable and natural-looking bras out there and not easy to spot under clothes–they’ll make your young daughter feel less exposed when she wears a t-shirt because these bras are not visible even with the most body-fitting attire. T-shirt bras are available in a wide range of fabrics and are either seamless or made with an underwire for extra support.   

The Double-Layered Bra

The doubled-layered bra is another great option for your tween's first bra. These bras are comfortable and can feel like a second layer of skin as they have no underwire or padding. Their layered fabric also means that they offer good coverage and protect the nipples, which are extra-sensitive during puberty. 

The Tried-and-True Sports Bra

A sports bra is a must-have in every girl's wardrobe, especially if your daughter is physically active or participates in sports. These offer your tween comfort, ensure minimal breast movement, and help protect sensitive breast tissue from harm during physically demanding activities. Sports bras also provide proper support and don't look like your standard bra, especially the racer-back style. Because not all sports bras are the same, your tween should try a few styles before settling on one.

Underwire Bras

Underwire bras can be a good option for your tween if her breasts are developing quickly. An underwire is a metallic or plastic U-shaped wire built into the bra beneath each cup. It sits below the crease of the breasts, providing the support needed for larger breasts. These bras also have a comfortable and natural-looking lift, but the wire must rest under the crease of the breasts. Otherwise, it may dig into your tween's developing chest and be very uncomfortable. 

In most cases, an underwired bra is best for young girls with a breast size of B-cup or larger.

To Sum Up

There isn’t one type of bra that every tween should get. In most cases, your daughter’s activities and physical changes will guide the style and fit of her first bra. The trick is to have open communication with her about the kind of bra she prefers and needs in order to make her first bra shopping experience as easy and relaxed as possible.