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Do Tweens Need Bras?

A tween’s first bra-buying experience can be an emotional roller coaster for all involved, including parents. The entire process can be pretty daunting when you consider all the various options oftween brason the market and the potentially uncomfortable conversations you’ll need to have with your daughter before buying anything. Just figuring out the timing and what your tween needs in a bra can be challenging.

Young girls today are maturing at a much earlier age than in the past–some even display measurable breast development as early as eight years old. It is a good idea for you to familiarize yourself with the nuances of theaverage bra size for a teenager well before you have to go out shopping for one.

To help you deal with this situation and make the experience of talking to your tween about her first bra as easy as possible, it is essential that you first understand when and why she needs one. 

Comfort and Protection for Developing Breasts

The decision to get your tween a bra may not be solely based on whether she wants one or not. As she starts to develop breasts, she will need something to wear that makes her comfortable and provides protection for her growing body. As a parent, you will have to know theright type of bra for a tween

Bras will not only make your tween comfortable but provide coverage and protection, as a girl’s chest can be very sensitive during developmental stages. A proper training bra can also prevent the nipples from chafing during normal daily or sporting activities.

Addressing Self-Consciousness

Girls can understandably become self-conscious when their breasts are growing. Wearing a bra can help allow them to continue with their regular daily routines without having to check on what is showing or not showing through their shirts, as well as provide much-needed comfort during a time of both physical and emotional sensitivity. 

Societal Pressure

It should be no surprise if your tween asks you to get her a bra because she discovered that her friends are starting to wear them. Having a bra will make her feel more comfortable whenever she has to change her clothes in front of teammates or when she is at a sleepover–it will make her feel like she belongs and is not missing out on anything.

Her Rite of Passage

Getting a first bra is a kind of rite of passage for many tweens. If you think this is part of your daughter’s motivation for wanting a bra, you could share your own bra stories to make the process easier and more relatable. 

Talking to your daughter about the changes happening with her body as she grows can also provide for a unique and beautiful moment between mother and child. It is always a good idea to be as open as you can and understand any potential embarrassment or confusion is completely normal. Be ready to answer questions gently and honestly!

In Conclusion

Getting your tween her first bra is something that will happen eventually—and you have to be there to support and understand her. Try your best to make her first bra fitting and shopping experience relaxed and easy so that neither of you has to dread the prospect of shopping for this type of clothing now or in the future. 

Of course, Yellowberry is the perfect choice when it comes to finding your daughter’s perfect first bra–we have sizing guides and a wide range of styles, fits, and designs to make sure that buying her first bra goes as seamlessly as possible.