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How to Wear a Training Bra

Taking your young daughter to get her first training or  preteen bra can go either way—it can be smooth sailing or end up being an experience you soon hope to forget. If you have a preteen or teenage girl, shopping for a bra is something that both of you will inevitably have to do. 

Some tweens and teens are thrilled with the idea of getting their first bra and finally beginning the transition into womanhood, while others may not be so keen about the whole thing. One of the reasons this might happen is that puberty brings along a wave of insecurities. 

To help you be the most supportive parent you can be at this critical juncture of your daughter’s life, we put together some pointers and information to guide you through the process–including when to purchase her first bra, how she should wear it, and other aspects of  buying a bra for a teenager

Her First Training Bra

According to various statistics, the average age for a young girl to get her first bar is eleven, although some girls start wearing theirs as early as eight. There are several telltale signs that it is time for your young daughter to get her first bra, such as: 

  • Your tween or teenage daughter starts asking about bras.
  • She begins to tell you that her friends are wearing bras and wants to know what the  right type of bra is for a tween.
  • You start to see some physical signs of breast development in her body.
  • She starts being uncomfortable or shy about her chest.

If your daughter isn’t forthcoming about her breasts starting to grow or doesn’t seem to want to ask you to go bra shopping, you need to broach the topic yourself. If in doubt, ask her if she is ready for one and respect her wishes, whatever they are. We also suggest that you try to be sensitive to her needs and help her the best you can–this will help alleviate any feelings of self-consciousness that are getting in the way.

Different Bras and How to Wear Them

If you determine that your daughter wants to get her first bra, then a training bra is the best place to start. It is a bra designed for tweens and teens who may not fit into conventional adult bras that is particularly easy to wear, depending on which one you get. Some training bras can be easily slipped on like a regular t-shirt, while others have hooks and clasps that need to be attached and fitted correctly. 

Checking out various shops searching for training bras might be overwhelming or embarrassing for your daughter the first few times you go. In this case, consider letting her take the lead–she can measure herself with a standard tape measure, look at some samples online, and leave the rest to you. Once you pick one out together, she can try it on and see if it fits as expected. 

With bras, it is usually best to go for substance over style. You have to find a bra that is comfortable so that your daughter can wear it throughout the day or while engaged in sporting activities. Crop tops are a good option and can be worn as soon as nipples protrude–these are simple to put on and don't have any hooks or clasps. There are also soft bras that are ideal for breasts that are more developed, which are typically the next step after a crop top. They can be worn as regular bras and don’t require many adjustments—they work well for both tweens and teenagers.

Comfort bras, like our Ladybug Bra, are another solid option. They have no underwire, which is helpful when your daughter is going through puberty as it won’t dig into her ribcage. They are easy to put on and don’t require much instruction.

What to Take Away

Once your daughter develops breasts, getting her a training bra is a good idea, especially if she is an active individual and loves to participate in sports. After you help her find the right bra for her comfort and lifestyle, she’ll start gaining the confidence she needs as she transitions through this time of changes! Yellowberry can help–we have a wide array of styles so she can choose the perfect bra for whatever she needs.