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How to Keep a Camisole from Rolling Up: Solutions for a Seamless Fit

Camisoles are designed to keep your daughter feeling comfortable and confident, fully covered with the right amount of support. But what do you do when her cami rolls up or bunches under her clothing, leaving her feeling awkward and uncomfortable?

The hack to prevent rolling ingirls’ camis is its fit. Finding the right fit can be tricky, especially if your daughter loves experimenting with layering ideas for her camisoles. Some camisoles are better for a looser fit (especially if she’s using them as a top layer) and others should be well-fitted for support.

Prevent the Rolling: Tips for the Perfect Fit

Garments roll when they’re too tight or too loose, and camisoles are no exception. Even if a garment is a tight fit, it’s not immune to rolling.

Finding the right size to prevent camisole rolling is only one piece of the puzzle; you need to factor in the material of the garment and the length. Still dealing with rolling? No worries–the easiest fix for rolling camis is simply tucking them in!

Find the Right Size

Because camisoles generally show off a fair amount of skin, wearing camisoles that are too small or too tight can leave your daughter feeling overexposed. Think about how a comfortable bra should fit: snug, but not uncomfortable.

Camis are the same. If her skin is bulging out through the armholes and the fabric is digging into her, the camisole is too small. This will result in the fabric rolling up over her stomach and back.

Additionally, camisoles that are too large aren’t ideal if she’s hoping to layer tighter-fitting clothing over them. Having a loose-fitted camisole under tighter clothes can cause wrinkling and bunching in the fabric, distracting from her style and causing her to constantly readjust the garments.

To find the right size camisole for her, use tailor’s tape to wrap around her underbust so that it’s snug but still comfortable. Write down that number. Next, wrap the measuring tape around her overbust (the fullest part of her chest) and write down that number. Refer to Yellowberry’s handy camisole size guide to find her exact camisole size!

Check the Length

Camisoles can ride up when they’re too long or too short. The trick is to find the Goldilocks length (just right) so your daughter can move comfortably throughout the day. We recommend choosing a camisole length with a hem that naturally sits one to two inches above the crotch point.

Check the Fabric

Some fabrics are more slippery than others. Camisoles made with slippery synthetic nylon or silk tend to slip and roll more than cotton-based camisoles. Yellowberry offers camisoles made with a cotton and spandex fabric blend so your daughter can enjoy a snug fit with breathable, slip-resistant fabric.

Tuck It In

In a pinch and need to resolve her rolling cami quickly? If your daughter is wearing jeans, pants, or a skirt, she can wear her undergarment so that the bottom hem is over her underwear, but tucked into the bottoms. Belted bottoms can reinforce the grip and help keep the camisole in place.

If she’s wearing an outfit with tights, she can also tuck her camisole into the pantyhose for additional grip.

Comfortable Camisoles at Yellowberry

Yellowberry offers a wide range of styles for camisoles so your daughter can feel comfortable and confident through all of life’s adventures. Our Shell camisole is tagless with a built-in bra and made with breathable fabric so she can enjoy all of her favorite activities. Need something with soft and simple detail or a little less support? Check out our Jane Classic Everyday camisole, available in four timeless and cute colors.

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