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What Does a Training Bra Do?

The primary goal of a training bra is to help tweens cope with the early stages of breast development. 

Despite their importance, you may be shocked to know that it was only after 1950 that they became widespread—before this, the idea of bras for tweens hadn’t taken root, and most girls wore undershirts until their breasts fully developed. 

Nonetheless, as a parent, you need to remember that a training bra will not only offer protection and support for your daughter’s developing breasts, but training bras also play a crucial role for young girls who are adjusting to wearing a bra.

Some tweens consider the use of a training bra a rite of passage as they may feel some pride in the fact that they are maturing. However, a training bra is only appropriate for girls with small breasts or those who are just beginning to develop. If a girl’s breasts develop past the training bra stage, you need to consider other kinds of bras like underwire or cup bras. Knowing this will also help you when you are looking for tips to buy bras for tweens. 

Does Your Daughter Need a Training Bra?

Training bras have changed over time. Originally, they were touted as being helpful for preventing sagging and stretching of breast tissue; however, it was soon clear this theory was only partly true as girls with developing breasts have such little tissue that support is not typically needed. 

Additionally, when it comes to training bras, there can be psychological benefits to their use. Girls who develop at slower rates might be sensitive about that fact and training bras can help them feel more comfortable by giving them the opportunity to wear undergarments similar to those of their peers. In the case of those who happen to mature early, training bras can offer coverage that will make them feel more confident with their bodies and provide protection for sensitive breasts.

The Benefits of Using a Training Bra

Most girls with sensitive breast buds often want a training bra to protect them from bumps and movement while playing sports or walking home from school. For those with more prominent nipples, a training bra can also create a helpful barrier between their breasts and their shirts.

Based on data provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), it is commonplace for young girls to feel self-conscious and embarrassed once their breasts begin to develop. Tips to buy bras for tweens  include offering encouragement and support by allowing them to wear loose-fitting clothing capable of disguising signs of early breast development. Furthermore, you should be open to getting your daughter a training bra if you feel she could use one or if she asks for it.

What Kinds of Training Bras Are Available?

There is a wide variety of training bras on the market, both in regard to structure and style. Regardless of brand or type, most training bras have padding that protects developing breasts and gives girls a more mature look; some are made so girls can pull them over their heads, and others come with fasteners in the front or back. Some of these styles include:

  • Racerback Sports Bras: These kinds of training bras do not have padding or fasteners.
  • Bralettes: These bras are designed to be more feminine and lacey. They often have a halter style, narrow strips, and no fasteners.  
  • Lined Bras: Lined bras tend to be lightly padded and look a lot like the conventional bra but offer very little support.
  • Front and Back Closure Bras: Clasp bras tend to have a traditional bra design and may or may not be lined or padded.

Main Takeaways About Training Bras

Having an adolescent daughter can be challenging, especially when she is going through breast development. Such a time can be embarrassing and confusing. As a parent, you must guide your daughter through this critical phase of her life, and high-quality training bras, such as those from Yellowberry, can help.