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How to Buy Bras for Tweens

Many tweens typically see training bras as a sign of growth that comes with breast development. However, depending on which phase your daughter is in, there are various bra styles you can purchase, and it’s important to know which your child needs.

The market for training bras has grown dramatically, and our best tween bras at Yellowberry now come in many designs and styles to match your child’s preferences. As a result, you should carefully consider various elements before purchasing a training bra, including value, material, size, and ease of cleaning. 

That said, let’s delve further into how to buy bras for tweens and some of the overall benefits of training bras.

Buying Bras for Tweens

Breast development is typically the first sign that a girl has reached puberty. Once this happens, it can be important and helpful to find a comfortable bra that will not make her feel self-conscious. It is also important that, as a parent, you handle this critical juncture in your daughter's life carefully as it can impact her psychological well-being. Remember that it’s important to have discussions with your daughter about what styles are best for her andhow to measure for a tween's bra

Know When to Buy

When buying a bra for your tween, it is up to both of you to decide the best time to do it. However, some details can help you make that decision:

Breast Size

Once your daughters' breasts begin to develop and become noticeable, especially when wearing a fitted t-shirt, it’s safe to assume that it’s time to consider a bra.


If your daughter happens to develop later than her peers, she may ask for a training bra, particularly if her friends’ bodies have already started changing. She could feel self-conscious being the only one not wearing a bra. Remember, no teenager wants to feel out of place, so if buying her bra sooner rather than later will make her more confident, there is no problem with that.

Your Daughter Asks About Training Bras

If your daughter suddenly starts to mention that some of her friends are beginning to wear bras, but she still hasn't asked you for one, she could be feeling embarrassed. If this is the case, find some time to go shopping with her. Point out a couple of beautiful bras, and assure her that there is no problem if she wants or needs one, regardless of whether or not her breasts have developed.

Details to Consider

As a mom, you more than likely remember what it felt like when you put on your first bra. For some, the experience was seamless and smooth, and for others it takes some getting used to. Regardless of your personal experience, when buying your tween her first bra, you should look out for the following:


Cotton or bamboo bras tend to be suitable for any tween, as they are breathable and feel soft on the skin. You should avoid bras with lace because they can get itchy when your daughter sweats and can be impractical for different sporting activities.


It’s best to avoid bras that come with firm cups. Even though formed-cup bras may be soft and comfortable, they quickly lose shape once they are put in the wash. Instead, opt for bras with a pliable material that will work well with your daughter's body.


Remember that your tweens' bra size will change as they grow. This means that the one you get today may not be the right size in as little as a few months. As a result, you should weigh a bra’s quality and style against its price.

Final Thoughts

Buying your tween her first bra can be a unique experience for both of you. It can provide a great bonding opportunity and let you better understand each other, especially when it comes to her feelings. Listen to her needs, and use the tips above to help make the journey smoother–Yellowberry’s got you covered with plenty of options sure to make any tween feel at ease.