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What Are the Best Types of Bras for Small Breasts? Exploring the Options

When it comes to shopping for thebest bra for small chests, it is easy to feel weighed down by all of the options. From training bras to push-up bras, there is something for everyone. But how do you go about choosing the best option for your daughter?

Luckily, we have put together our guide on the best types of Yellowberry bras for small breasts. Let’s dive in.

The Importance of Taking Accurate Measurements

Before you start shopping around for bras, take proper and accurate measurements. Having correct measurements will not only make the process easier, but it will help you find the perfect size sure to fit your daughter comfortably. If you need any help or guidance, be sure to check out our latest post for our tips onhow to measure for a small bust bra. 

The Best Types of Yellowberry Bras

If you are on the search for a comfortable, supportive, and even stylish bra for your daughter, you have come to the right place. Our favorite type of bra for small-breasted women is the wireless bra.

Made without any wire or unnecessary extra padding, wireless bras make for a stylish and comfortable option. Designed to provide lift and support, wireless bras assure that your daughter will be comfortable and able to move around freely without concern or discomfort.

We offer a wide variety of stylish and supportive wireless bras. Here’s our list of our best-sellers and top picks. 

The Ladybug Bra

Allow us to introduce you to our best-selling bra, the Ladybug bra. This wireless bra is designed with double-layered cotton fabric that ensures full coverage and support. Breathable, comfortable, and versatile, this bra is set to become your daughter’s closet staple. 

The Pipit Bra

Whether you are shopping for your daughter’s first bra, or looking for an everyday option, we’d love to shine the spotlight on our Pipit bra, a modern and minimally designed bra that makes for a wonderful everyday option.

While it is lighter than the Ladybug, the Pipit still provides full coverage and sufficient support while remaining breathable, high wicking, and soft—Yellowberry qualities you will come to love and expect time and time again. 

The Tink Bra

Our daughters are always on the go. Whether they are sitting in a classroom all day, running laps around the field, lounging with friends in the backyard, or hiking with the family dog, the Tink bra is an essential everyday bra.

Designed to serve as both an everyday bra and a sports bra, the Tink bra is perfect for girls looking to keep flowing throughout their day without letting their bra get in the way. Moisture-wicking, supportive and comfortable, the Tink bra is sure to leave your daughter feeling like her best self.

What About Wired Bras?

If your daughter comes up to you asking for a push-up or underwire bra, we have you covered. Check out our latest post to see ifsmall-busted women can wear push-up bras!