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How to Find Bra Size for Small Breasts – Our Guide

As every woman will know,chest size versus bra size is not always the same, and the fit and support of your bra can make an enormous difference to your comfort, regardless of whether you are looking forbras for small busts or greater support for a larger chest.

These same principles apply to younger girls and teens, which is why picking a well-made bra designed specifically for girls is so important.

Sizing variations between adult and teen sizes are rarely standardized. Yellowberry often hears from women looking for underwear for their daughters who are unsure how to select the perfect size with the right coverage and flexibility for growing bodies and sensitive skin.

Measuring Bra Sizes for Girls With Small Chests

Step one is to take a few measurements. Some girls can feel self-conscious, but it is significantly easier to lend a hand rather than leaving a teen to try and take accurate measurements themselves!

We steer clear of cup sizes used in adult bras, primarily because teens do not need padding or underwire; wiring and stiff pads are restrictive and can cause soreness and abrasions on younger skin.

Instead, Yellowberry uses a selection of innovative, hard-working fabrics with performance features such as stay-dry wicking, four-way stretch, and double-layered support–all the hold a girl needs for a small chest without any discomfort!

There are two important measurements to take:

  1. Underbust: this is the measurement just underneath the breasts and around the rib cage. It's best to take two or three measurements to be sure since our ribs naturally expand when we take a deep breath or could measure marginally larger or smaller due to hormonal changes or after eating.
  2. Overbust: this measurement should be taken over the widest point of the chest, again noting that bust sizes can adjust at different times of the month or due to natural water retention and other factors.

You’ll find a size chart on all Yellowberry product pages and can match your daughter’s measurements to the appropriate size–it couldn't be easier! We've also added standard clothing sizes as a reference point and to help if you're looking to buy some cute matching underwear.

How Should a Bra Fit a Teen for Maximum Comfort?

Our tip is to look for sizing that is snug and comfortable but doesn't feel restrictive. If your daughter can't take a big breath without feeling that the band under the bust is too tight, the size is too small! We'd also suggest going for a size up if you find the measurements fall in between two sizes since extra-supportive fabrics and flexible, strong fibers are engineered to move; our bras work as a second skin rather than retaining a rigid, stiff shape.

Underwire and padding commonly found in women’sbalconette bras for small chests are the key culprits when it comes to sizing issues. Wiring has zero give, and if a cup size is just slightly out, it can pinch and dig into the skin, sometimes with very painful consequences.

Padded cups have much the same effect, where a cup that is too big can rub and irritate, and one that is too small can cause blisters and redness. Because we've eliminated wires, pads, and all fabrics that are tough on sensitive skin, you won't find any of these problems with a Yellowberry bra!

The Importance of Adjustable Straps in Teen Bras

Now you've got the sizing sorted, we'll touch on straps–which might seem a minor point, but it can feel like a big deal for a girl with small breasts who doesn't want her bra on show while participating in sports or wearing her favorite summer outfit! Straps should always be adjustable because even if one girl has identical chest sizing to another, we're naturally different heights, with slimmer or broader shoulders.

Just like the body of the bra, straps should sit comfortably on the shoulders without pinching and feel snug and supportive. Our whisper-light fabrics have fantastic elasticity, so it should feel like your daughter isn't wearing anything at all!

Looking for a teen bra for small breasts that can be adapted into a racerback? Take a look at the Wish Bra or Sunshine Embroidered Bra, which both fit the bill.