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Types of Seamless Panties

Chances are you have come across seamless underwear before–maybe you have wonderedhow seamless underwear works or love it so much that you have contemplatedmaking seamless underwear yourself. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are when it comes togirls’ seamless panties, it’s never too late for a little refresher.

What Is a Seamless Panty? 

As women, we have all shared one unique experience–we’re talking about all the times you have put together the perfect outfit, only to take a quick glance in the mirror and spot those horrendous underwear lines. 

This is where seamless panties come in. No one needs to see what type of underwear you are wearing, and seamless panties are made to show zero lines. Yellowberry’s seamless undies are smooth, super breathable, lightweight, and incredibly comfortable, with no panty line visibility under any kind of clothing!

Here’s another added benefit: our seamless panties are moisture-wicking and can protect your daughter from irritation that can happen with uncomfortable seams. This is why Yellowberry’s Scout and Twistr seamless panties are the best choices for any young girl–they do just that in two different styles. The Scout allows for more all-over seamless coverage, while the Twistr offers a comfortable, seam- and tag-free option in a bikini-cut design. Our Nilit Breeze Fibers are also patented to allow for an airy feel and keep your daughter dry all day!

Different Style Seamless Underwear

Hipster Seamless Panties

Hipster panties are a cross between bikini-style and boyshorts-style underwear. These are popular among younger gals and are especially great for those a bit more on the active side.

Cheeky Panties

For the daughter who has outgrown briefs and shorts but is not quite comfortable with thongs, consider a seamless cheeky panty. It has less coverage in the back than a bikini, but more than a thong. With enough exposure and support, this is a great style to wear underneath clothes. 

Bikini Undies 

The best feature of bikini panties is that they do not press into your bikini line. These are comfortable, practically invisible, and a great choice for any girl. 


Seamless briefs keep your daughter’s front and backside fully covered, so she can feel as modest and comfortable as possible.


No one can go wrong with owning a pair of seamless boyshorts. These are great for your daughter to wear under dresses, skirts, or even to sleep. 

Try the Best Seamless Undies From Yellowberry

Now that you are more acquainted with the many types of seamless underwear, you can see that there are many choices available. Before you do any shopping, it is also worth having a conversation with your daughter and assessing what she is most comfortable wearing.

When you are ready to purchase, check out Yellowberry’s seamless Twistr underwear. With its innovative no-show design and four-way stretch, Twistr underwear will keep your daughter comfortable and confident all day long!