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How to Make Underwear Seamless

Seamless underwear is a great addition to any young girl’s wardrobe–they’re comfortable, versatile, and won’t show any panty lines, so your daughter can be confident in any tight clothing, be it yoga pants, dresses, or tights!

Of course, high-quality seamless underwear from a reliable brand like Yellowberry is the way to go when finding a way to reduce the visibility of your daughter’s panty lines, but we’ve also put together a few tips on how to disguise any undergarment visibility when her Yellowberry seamless undies are in the wash!

Textured Fabrics Are Your Friend

If your daughter is desperately trying to hide her underwear visibility and make her panties appear seamless, have her consider choosing a skirt, dress, or pair of pants with textured or thick fabric. The more texture a fabric has, the higher the chances of it being able to easily mask panty lines. 

Opt for Tights

If your daughter is wearing a dress or a skirt that’s a bit on the tighter side, have her consider wearing tights or pantyhose underneath. Aside from keeping her legs warm in cold weather, a pair of tights can help mask any unwanted fabric lines from her undergarments. If it is too hot for regular tights, compression shorts could do the trick.

Try a Slip

Remember when ladies wore slips under their dresses? Slips served as an extra layer of comfort, and they got rid of that annoying static cling women often encountered with layered clothing. If you have one at your disposal, a slip is a perfect closet staple that will help smooth out any unwanted undergarment lines. 

Do-It-Yourself Seamless Underwear

If all else fails, you can opt for making a pair of seamless undies on your own. You can either purchase nylon fabric to make a pair from scratch, or strategically cut along elastic stitching to remove any panty line visibility.

Of course, this method can be tedious and allow for mistakes, so your best bet is to find a panty-line-free pair of seamless underwear from a great brand like Yellowberry!

Why Opt for Seamless Underwear?

Seamless underwear, just like any no-show underwear, is versatile–from different types of seamless underwear with various colors and designs to a variety of styles that allow for wear under any kind of clothing during any activity, they’re great for any young girl. 

Seamless underwear allows your daughter to stay clear of the panty lines and irritation that often show up when regular underwear digs into your skin. Your daughter should not have to feel discomfort from any undergarment, and she should not feel she needs to switch to thongs in hopes of avoiding panty lines. Seamless underwear is a great no-show option for girls of any age!

Shop the Best Seamless Undies From Yellowberry

The very best way to fill your daughter’s dresser with comfortable panties is to find high-quality seamless underwear from Yellowberry. Our seamless underwear is soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking, and breathable with its four-way stretch. Your daughter’s comfort matters–let us help make it happen!