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Camp Outfit Ideas for Girls

Packing for summer camp  often feels stressful–you have to make sure you’ve remembered every essential from sunscreen to a travel pillow, swimsuits, and spare hair ties to toiletries, snacks, books, a camera–and everything else on your list!

Consolidating items for your daughter's summer camp wardrobe is a great way to save space. Mix-and-match colors, easy-to-wear lightweight fabrics, and comfy extra layers work together perfectly.

Let’s run through our top summer camp essentials for girls so you can pack all the clothes your daughter will need without worrying you've missed anything important.

How to Pick Clothes for Your Daughter’s Summer Camp

As we’ve indicated, working with one cute color palette makes life so much simpler. Rather than putting together ten separate outfits that your daughter will want to wear, you can pack matching items so she can choose whatever she’d like based on her mood, the activities for the day, or the weather.

For example, you might choose a capsule wardrobe including:

  • A sugary sweet Shell Camisole in Soft Pink
  • The Downtown Hoodie in bright Snowflake White
  • Our Uptown Jogger in classic Light Heather Grey
  • The Midtown Short in a vibrant Huckleberry Purple

When summer camp weather is warm and hazy, a pastel pink camisole paired with shorts in a lilac shade will look perfect, paired with flip-flops, sneakers, or hiking shoes. Those same garments pair just as well with joggers for cooler evenings or a hoodie thrown over the top for early morning breakfasts.

This principle applies to every child, whether your daughter likes bright, bold colors that show her personality or simple neutrals made from the softest cotton fabrics.

Great Camp Outfit Suggestions

Most camps will have one event or celebration, so it’s best to pack a special outfit your daughter will feel dressed up in–something pretty and comfortable to move in is ideal, like a floaty skater skirt with Converse or a beautiful, embroidered top to make shorts or her favorite jeans a little smarter!

For everyday wear, our focus would be comfort as so much of summer camp is focused on group events and being a great team player.

Next, we’ve listed some of the most popular activities your daughter will have the chance to join in with at summer camp and outfit advice for each.

Kayaking and Canoeing

Watersports are one of the most exciting summer camp activities, whether a gentle kayak around a lake, the thrill of sailing down a fast-moving river, or learning to build a raft as a team to cross a stream. While swimsuits are a must-have, it's also a good idea to pack some lightweight shorts or camisoles that can be rolled into a small backpack. When the kids are back on dry land, they'll want to change out of their wet clothes as quickly as possible.

Top tip: Children of all ages must wear safety helmets, life jackets, or buoyancy aids for water-based camp activities. If your daughter has sensitive skin, we recommend a soft cotton tee to prevent rubbing.

Backpacking and Hiking

Walking trips are part of camp life, and seeing the view from the top of the nearest hilltop or mountain range is a great experience for kids! Along with sturdy walking shoes, thick socks to keep blisters at bay, and a sun hat, we'd suggest loose-fit shorts that won't rub or chafe.

Our Rozie Short is available in a series of bright, cheerful prints, or the Midtown Short is great for stylish girls who love the button accents running down the front. These are far more comfortable than denim or stiff synthetic fabrics!

Top tip: Although camisoles are the best way to keep cool during summer hikes, we suggest packing some lightweight cotton tees. These protect your daughter from sunburn since most children forget to reapply sunscreen, especially when concentrating on a challenging climb.

Overnight Camping

There is something truly magical about a child's first overnight camp, out in the wilderness, sharing stories around a fire, and learning so much about themselves and their friends. Even in the middle of summer, the chill in the evening can feel frigid, so we'd suggest packing a soft-lined hoodie and a pair of joggers. These can be worn over daytime clothes or back up the warmth of PJs as sleeping bags aren't always the coziest!

Top tip: Pack a pair of slipper socks for kids with cold toes at night and a soft, squishy teddy that doubles as an extra pillow.