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Oversized Hoodie Styling: How to Rock the Look

An oversized hoodie is a must-have in every girl’s closet–it’s the ultimate comfort piece. However, styling it can get a bit challenging.To rock the look, it’s important for your daughter to be clear with the overall vibe of her outfit and to know how to properly mix and match bottoms, shoes, and accessories. In this guide, we’ll share some style tips you can give your daughter for styling oversizedgirls’ hoodies.

Getting the Sizing Right with an Oversized Hoodie

As a general rule, it’s recommended to get a hoodie two sizes bigger than your usual size to get the perfect oversized look. However, it’s best to still be exact about it so that you don’t get something that’s too big.

To get the sizing right, take your daughter’s measurements, then match them against the size guide of the hoodie brand, opting for one that’s slightly bigger all around. If she already has an oversized shirt or sweater that she likes the fit of, you can also use that as a reference. Some brands also have a sizing guide to help you make a more accurate choice.

How to Style an Oversized Hoodie

There are three simple steps to styling an oversized hoodie. Let’s break down each one:

Choose a Vibe

Many people think that an oversized hoodie is only limited to a casual look, but you can dress it in many ways. To make sure that everything’s cohesive, it’s important to decide on a vibe. When your daughter decides whether she wants to go for a more sporty style or a more high-fashion look, she should stick to the theme. This way, she’ll look more put-together and chic.

Choose the Right Accessories

An oversized hoodie outfit doesn’t require a lot to pull together, but it does need the right accessories to get right. When helping your daughter complete her look, be sure to add the right accessories. Add some jewelry for some femininity and pick a complementing bag. Don’t forget to pay attention to her footwear, too!

Play with Colors

Encourage your daughter to play with colors to add some dimension to her oversized hoodie look. She can go for something more monochromatic, matching the rest of her outfit with the color of her hoodie, or she can opt for something a little bit more bold, mixing bright shades with basic colors.

Oversized Hoodie Outfit Ideas

Here are some oversized hoodie outfit ideas to give you some inspiration for your daughter’s next look:


Pair your daughter’s oversized hoodie with some casual pants (like cargo pants) or basic jeans for a more casual take. Have her wear sneakers and put on a hat for an even comfier finish.


If your daughter is wearing her oversized hoodie for an active activity, let her wear it with leggings or yoga pants and sneakers for optimized movement. 


For a more high-fashion look, your daughter can try layering hoodies with jackets, dresses, or other shirts and pair her outfit with more interesting shoes like boots, low heels, or sandals.

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