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Layering Hoodies with Jackets: A Girl's Guide to Fashionable Warmth

Layeringhoodies for girls can be a fun fashion activity that can stimulate your daughter’s sense of style. It can be challenging to wear multiple pieces of clothing without looking too baggy, especially when you’re dealing with oversized hoodie styling. But with the right tips, your girl can make warmth fashionable! 

The most common layering garment that goes with hoodies are jackets. To properly style these two, it’s important to consider proportions and to play with textures, patterns, and colors.In this guide, we’ll dive into fashionable warmth as we tackle how to layer hoodies with jackets.

Hoodies Versus Jackets

Some think that hoodies are considered jackets, but these two pieces of outerwear are distinct in look and function. For one, hoodies, as their name suggests, come with a hood. Jackets often don’t. Hoodies are also more relaxed and baggy in fit, while jackets tend to have more structure. Additionally, hoodies can come in zip-up, pullover, cropped, or oversized styles, and are generally designed for ease of wear, while jackets come in various looks but usually feature details like clasps, buttons, or snaps for a more polished appearance.

Furthermore, hoodies are typically more casual wear, used for light activities, sports, or lounging. Jackets, on the other hand, are more versatile because they’re suitable for use on more occasions and offer better protection from the elements. 

Can Jackets Be Worn Over Hoodies?

Jackets can definitely be worn over hoodies! A hoodie can act as a first layering piece that your daughter can wear on top of a regular shirt. Then, she can finish off her outfit with a jacket for extra warmth on cold days.

Tips for Layering Hoodies with Jackets

Layering hoodies with jackets can get tricky because you don’t want your daughter to look like she’s being swallowed by her clothing. Here are some tips to make sure that this layering combo looks chic on her while still keeping her warm:

Consider Proportions

An easy way to get lost in the bagginess of two outerwear layers is to not rule in proportions. You want to make sure that the pieces you’re layering complement each other in size and shape. For example, a cropped hoodie will likely look great with a regular-sized jacket, while a standard hoodie might work better with something a bit larger or longer.

Note that there is a difference between girls’ and boys’ hoodies, too, so depending on the type of hoodie your kid has (she might have a boys’ hoodie for an oversized look), you’ll have to factor this shape variation, as well.

Play with Textures and Patterns

To make your daughter’s layered outfit more interesting to the eye, play with textures and patterns in the overall look. If she’s wearing a plain cotton hoodie, you may want to layer on a leather jacket or a corduroy piece. 

Mix and Match Colors

Layering hoodies and jackets can look extra chic when there’s a cohesive color scheme in the overall look. You can have your daughter don a monochromatic style by sticking to one general hue, or you can let her be more creative by mixing and matching blocks of bright colors.

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