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Difference Between Girls’ and Boys’ Hoodies

In many ways, the hoodie is the perfect clothing choice–it is warm and cozy, comfortable and practical, and can be worn by boys and girls without issue.The main difference between girls' and boys' hoodies is the shape. Girls' hoodies tend to be designed to fit a more curved body shape, while boys' hoodies are generally more rectangular in shape

If you are a mom looking to buy girls' hoodies for the first time, then you are in the perfect place. We have the tips and advice you need to make the right choice and ensure that the item you pick is the best for your daughter.

Comparing Girls' and Boys' Hoodies

The differences between hoodies for girls and boys are few because they are usually considered unisex clothing. Depending on the designer, however, there may be slight variances, including the following:

Different Shapes

As we mentioned, the shape of hoodies can be slightly different for girls and boys to reflect the natural body shapes of each. This tends to be more noticeable in sports hoodies, where a better fit can impact performance. You may notice shape differences with more casual items, too.

Hoodies for boys will typically be wider, more rectangular, and tend to hang straight down when worn. Girls' hoodies, on the other hand, are often slightly more fitted to follow a girl’s natural curves. You may want to buy a size larger if your daughter prefers a more relaxed look and feel.

Sizing Options

Another key difference between boys' and girls’ hoodies is the variety of sizes available. Boys will generally have a much wider variety of sizes to accommodate those who haven’t had their growth spurt yet and those who are already almost the size of a full-grown man. Girls' hoodies typically run smaller and may have a small number of options in terms of size. 

Sleeves and shoulder spans also tend to be narrower in girls' hoodies, so you may have to size up if your daughter has particularly long arms or is growing quickly. This is particularly important if she is planning on  layering hoodies with jackets because a little extra room may be needed.

Material Quality and Thickness

One difference that can be frustrating is the difference in quality of some brands when it comes to boys' versus girls’ hoodies. While things are improving, many manufacturers still use sturdier, thicker material for boy hoodies. Girls' hoodies, on the other hand, can often be a little flimsier and less durable. If you have a daughter who is busy and active, check out the Downtown Hoodie that was recently introduced as part of Yellowberry’s new loungewear collection for girls for a garment made to last.

Zipper Tab Placement

Another difference that can sometimes be seen on hoodies is the placement of the zipper tab. It used to be that men’s zip-up hoodies would have the tab on the right-hand side, while girls' would be placed on the left. This seems to be less common in modern designs and does not have an impact on the comfort of the hoodie itself.

Color Choices

Color is another area that is improving, but there are still brands and designs that offer limited color palettes for girls' and boys’ hoodies because they tend to follow traditional norms. This can make it a little tricky to find the perfect look, particularly if your daughter is a fan of bright colors!

In Summary

If you have ever wondered if a hoodie is a good gift, rest assured that it is! Picking the perfect hoodie means equipping your daughter with a comfortable, practical, and stylish item designed to last for years to come. With our tips, you can confidently purchase a hoodie that your daughter is guaranteed to love.