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How to Keep Seamless Underwear From Moving: Pro Tips for Comfort and Security

Seamless underwear is designed to fit snug and smooth against the skin, eliminating any awkward bumps or panty lines caused by seamed undies. Your daughter should be able to wear a pad with seamless underwear and even wear seamless underwear with leggings. But if her undies are slipping and sliding, she’s not comfortable and she’s not focusing on what she loves.

When your daughter’s seamless underwear slips, folds , and bunches, it’s for the same reasons seamed panties move! Movement in underwear is caused by stretched elastic fibers, worn-out materials, and incorrect sizing. Below, we’ll detail what you can do to prevent your daughter’s underwear from becoming an irritating distraction.

Expert Tips to Keep Undies in Place

When your daughter’s underwear moves, it’s more than uncomfortable–it could lead to an embarrassing situation. She’s still navigating this new world of tweendom and looks to you for guidance. Help her avoid a fashion faux pas or exposure with these tips:

Check for Wear and Tear

When it’s laundry day, inspect the fabric of the seamless undies carefully when they’re finished drying. We recommend air-drying intimate garments, as the dryer’s intense heat can wear out elastic. Not to mention, other clothing items can snag or tangle up in the underwear, causing it to stretch out.

Fabric that’s worn-out and stretched is going to make her perfect-fitting panties too large and lose elasticity. Undergarments–seamless or otherwise–require sturdy elastics in some form to help them conform to our bodies. If hers are too worn-out, it’s time to throw them away and purchase new pairs.

Measure for Fit

Underwear that is too big or too small can cause it to move. Think about the last time you wore a pair of jeans that were a size too small, and recall what happened every time you sat down: your waistband slipped down, possibly exposing a portion of your lower back and backside. The same thing happens when you buy a pair that’s a size smaller than you need.

The best way to verify your daughter has the correct size of seamless underwear is by measuring her. Use a tape measure to measure around her hips, noting the number in inches. Refer to our sizing chart cheat-sheet to check that you have the correct size and compare to the size of undies she currently has. Chances are, she needs a different size.

Check the Waistline

If her brand-new underwear is in the correct size and it’s still moving around, she may have a waistline style that isn’t compatible with her outfit. For example, wearing a hip-hugging panty with high-rise pants can cause the underwear to slide around against the fabric of the jeans. Likewise, high-waisted undies with low-rise bottoms can cause the top to fold or roll.

The easiest solution is to make sure her undergarments are appropriate for the clothes she’s wearing. High-waisted undies should be paired with high-waisted or tight-fitted clothing, and low-rise undies are more compatible with low-rise or loose-fitted clothing.

Fashion Tape to the Rescue

Fashion tape is the band-aid solution when you don’t have time for a shopping trip. Fashion tape, which is different from dressing tape, is a double-sided adhesive designed to comfortably stick to skin and fabric.

Simply place one side of the fashion tape on the spot on her skin where she wants the underwear to rest. Next, adhere the fabric of her underwear to the remaining sticky side. Repeat this process on both sides or as necessary to achieve your desired effect.

The Takeaway

When your daughter’s seamless underwear slides around, it’s likely because it’s ill-fitted, worn-out, or the wrong style for her clothing. Luckily, it’s easy to fix! Be sure to replace old and weathered undies when necessary, measure your daughter before purchasing new underwear, and educate her on what styles of underwear work best under her favorite outfits.