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Can You Wear a Pad With Seamless Underwear? Here’s What You Need to Know

At Yellowberry, we construct undergarments for tweens with every step of their development in mind. We want these young women to feel confident. That’s why our seamless underwear for girls is constructed with her comfort at the forefront. While our seamless underwear is perfect for shopping with friends and dribbling a basketball down the court, is it ideal for periods?

The Down-Low on Seamless Underwear During a Period

Seamless underwear has become a popular choice in recent years for women and girls alike. It’s comfortable, eco-friendly, and gives your daughter (and you) peace of mind. No more embarrassing panty lines or awkward seams pinching into skin! Seamless underwear can be worn during periods, and pads are perfectly okay to wear with seamless underwear.

However, this style of underwear does require an extra level of care compared to undies with seams. Let’s explore everything you need to know about seamless underwear and navigating period hygiene with them.

How Does Seamless Underwear Work?

This type of underwear is designed to rest perfectly against the skin, creating a smooth look with no bumps or panty lines. Rather than using traditional elastic or sewn-edge leg openings, laser cutting is used to cut the edges of the underwear. This means there is no visible stitching.

Seamless underwear is constructed with a blend of organic material and synthetic elastic materials. The most common fabric blend is cotton and spandex, allowing the undies to fit your daughter’s body perfectly without hems or seams to keep it up. It is form-fitting without being constrictive, and provides the coverage she needs without digging into her skin. All you need is to purchase undies that fit her appropriately to keep seamless underwear from moving, sliding around, or rolling down. It’s that simple!

Do Pads Damage Seamless Underwear?

Because pads have an adhesive backing to adhere it to the fabric, they can wear out seamless undies just as quickly as they can a traditional pair. Fabric can fade just the same as other materials, but the hem requires a little more specialty care.

The laser-cutting process of seamless underwear can leave a raw edge, depending on the manufacturer. This raw edge can fray or start to separate slowly over time from hastily tearing the adhesive frequently, but this would take a considerable amount of repetitive force. Your seamless undies, no matter the manufacturer, should survive several months of supporting pads if you are otherwise caring for them correctly.

To extend their life, we recommend not using pads with wings with your seamless underwear. The adhesive could wear down the more fragile, exposed edges of the underwear over time quicker than pads without wings. However, our Scout and Twistr seamless undies have edges that are subtly reinforced by layering our seamless edges to make them more resilient to the wear and tear pads tend to have on panties.

How Discreet Are Pads With Seamless Underwear?

Seamless underwear was made to be discreet! It’s form-fitting without being suffocating, allowing pads to fit close to the body without that “diaper” feeling we all remember enduring. Your daughter can wear her seamless underwear under jeans, yoga pants, and shorts with a pad, worry-free.

However, during this time of the month, we recommend prioritizing comfort above all else. We recommend our soft and buttery Zip leggings, cozy Berry Girl tee, warm Adventure hoodie paired with our seamless undies to feel comfortable and stylish during this vulnerable time.

Closing Thoughts

Taking the steps out of girlhood into her adventures as a young woman is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking–she’s facing uncertainty, change, and balancing it all in comparison to peers and what she sees on social media. Through it all, you’re her rock and her advocate. Empower her with clothes and undies she feels confident in, and seamless undies are the perfect way to give her that freedom during her period!