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Is a Camisole the Same as a Spaghetti Strap?

When it comes to women’s fashion, it can sometimes feel like we use different words to describe essentially the same garments. As your daughter matures into her preteen years, she’ll discover (and you’ll rediscover) that there’s more to fashion than shirts, pants, and skirts. She’ll have blouses, bralettes, bras, tank tops, and the list goes on! It can feel pretty overwhelming, which is where your guidance comes in.

Girls’ camisoles, tank tops, and spaghetti straps aren’t exactly the same thing, but it’s easy to get them confused. Camisoles are traditionally worn as undergarments, but can be worn as a top on their own. Spaghetti straps are a type of strap on a garment like a camisole, tank top, or even a dress. Tank tops are generally worn as a top on their own and may or may not have spaghetti straps, just like a camisole.

What Is a Camisole?

A camisole is a sleeveless garment that is usually worn as undergarments. When you have a smooth and seamless camisole fit, camis are ideal to wear under other tops, such as blouses or cardigans. Camisoles can come in a range of styles, such as loosely fitting, lacy, cropped, or long-hemmed.

However, wearing camisoles as tank tops has become more common in the past ten years. Women, teens, and girls are building a versatile and functional camisole wardrobe so they can wear their camis through all seasons and occasions. Camis can be worn under jackets, sweaters, and even blazers; it is perfectly fine to wear a camisole as a top in casual settings.

For tweens, many camisoles can come with a built-in bra, like the Shell Camisole at Yellowberry. These camisoles are crafted with thick, breathable fabric that offers preteens the full-coverage they need to feel supported and confident.

What Is a Spaghetti Strap?

A spaghetti strap is just a thin shoulder strap that earned its name due to how thin it is–like spaghetti. These straps can be found on a variety of garments, including swimsuits, camisoles, and dresses. These straps leave your shoulders more exposed due to how narrow they are.

Key Differences Between Camisoles and Spaghetti Straps

A camisole can have spaghetti straps, but not all spaghetti-strapped tops are camisoles. Here are a few key ways you can differentiate the two:

How They’re Worn

Spaghetti straps can be found on any garment that is meant to hang from your shoulders (i.e., dresses, tops, undergarments, etc). Garments with spaghetti straps can be worn in a wide range of settings, such as formal events or casual outings. Most schools don’t generally allow spaghetti straps on tween girls, so we recommend reviewing your daughter’s school’s policy (send her with a cute hoodie or cardigan just in case)!

Camisoles can be worn in almost any setting, depending on what they’re worn with. Wearing a camisole as a top at a semi-formal event, such as a nice family dinner, might leave your daughter feeling out of place. The solution? Give her a cute blazer or sweater to wear with it, and she’ll fit right in! Otherwise, camisoles can be worn for athletic events (depending on their material) and for casual wear.


Spaghetti straps are simple straps, usually without frills or lace. The main reason they stand out as a design choice is because they are thin, sleek straps.

Camisoles have a little more wiggle-room when it comes to style and detail. You can find camisoles with lace edges or detailing, wider straps, or spaghetti straps.

To Wrap It All Up

Camisoles and spaghetti straps are not the same thing, but you can purchase a camisole that has spaghetti straps. Camisoles are a garment that is typically worn as an underlayer to other tops or clothes, but can be worn as a standalone shirt in casual settings.

Spaghetti straps are a type of strap, known for their thin and simple design. You can find spaghetti straps on dresses, swimwear, shirts, and more.

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