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Can Young Girls Wear Underwire Bras? Exploring the Pros and Cons

The best part of Spring is seeing the first signs of flowers and fruit in your garden. We all know that some blossoms bloom before others. So, why is it awkward or startling when our tweens start growing? The transition into puberty feels delicate for both you and your daughter. After all, you want to empower her, not embarrass her. If she’s developing faster than her peers or says she wants “a real bra,” it can leave you feeling unsure of what to do.

When we think of “real bras,” our minds jump to underwire bras and push-ups. However, these are not the only options. Even if they were, are they empowering for our girls? There’s no denying thatpush-up bras for small chests can give the appearance of larger breasts, and underwire bras can make a young woman feel more grown-up, but are these bras the best options for tweens?

What Is an Underwire Bra?

Underwire bras come with a wire embedded in the underside and side of the cup of a bra. This wire is flexible and is there to provide additional support for larger breasts. Underwire bras can help separate, shape, and lift the breasts as well. Many push-up bras utilize underwire to create more lift in the breast tissue.

The Pros of Underwires

The biggest benefit of wearing underwire bras is the support. The wiring can relieve the stress on the shoulders and back if your daughter has a large chest. That relief can mean she’s more comfortable and experiences less shoulder and back pain throughout the day.

The shape of the wire can support developing breasts. Underwire bras with a U-shaped wire can help breasts rest comfortably against your daughter’s chest if she has the right fit.

Underwire bras also come in many styles. This can help your daughter develop her own style for undergarments; she can choose between a demi, t-shirt, or balconette bra. Some sports bras also include underwire, if that’s more her style. With these options, she can try different bras with underwires to find a fit that works for her.

The Cons of Underwires

The biggest downside to underwire bras is discomfort. An ill-fitted underwire bra can irritate the skin, push on ribs, and dig into breast tissue. If the bra is poorly-made, the edge of the underwire pokes out after a few uses. This discomfort can crush her confidence and hold her back from engaging in the activities she loves.

Underwire bras are more rigid. If your daughter is still developing, they may not stay comfortable for long. Her body is growing in spurts that can happen suddenly. These bras are not as flexible and she can outgrow them quickly.

While you can alwayshand wash these bras for the best results, hand washing only preserves the current bra structure. If she outgrows the bra, no washing or drying technique will make it more comfortable.

Ill-fitted underwire bras can damage her confidence. With structured cups and wiring, tween girls take a hit to their self-esteem if they can’t fill out the structure of a bra that may not be the right size for them. If they outgrow the structure quickly, they may feel embarrassed. When the bra doesn’t work with her body, she may feel like she’s the problem.

Are There Other Options Besides Underwires?

When your tween is growing, it can feel like you don’t know how to choose a bralette for everyday wear. You want her to feel confident and embrace this next stage of her life, but you want her to be comfortable too.

The design and technology of wireless bras have advanced considerably in the last twenty years–say “goodbye” to flimsy bralettes that offer no support. Bras like the Wish bra and Chickadee bra from Yellowberry are perfect for girls who need that support. These bras are designed for more developed breasts, so they grow with her. We offer a variety of styles and designs for wireless bras so your daughter can find the perfect bra!