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How to Choose a Bralette for Everyday Wear: What You Need to Know

Social media is flooded with options forbras for small breasts. From niche brands tailored for petite frames to outrageous push-ups, it’s surprisingly difficult to find a comfortable bra for your growing tween. It’s all about striking the balance between what will make her feel comfortable and confident.

As her body develops, you want her to experience this process her way: no pressure to grow up faster than she’s ready to, but also empowered by these changes. Sure,young girls can wear underwire bras–but we all know how alarming and uncomfortable our first time putting one on was. A bralette is the perfect stepping stone for her to feel familiar with this type of undergarment without being overwhelmed by uncomfortable materials.

What Is a Bralette?

Bralettes are just like bras without materials that can make wearing a bra uncomfortable. They are made of stretchy material, are typically unpadded, and do not have hooks or underwires. Some bralettes do not have adjustable straps—all you need to do is slip it overhead and you’re good to go.

Bralette Sizing

Finding the right bralette size can be tricky. While the sizes run in extra small, small, medium, and so forth, choosing a bralette that correlates with your t-shirt size may not get you the perfect fit.

If your daughter has already been fitted for a bra (cup and band size), you can use that information to convert to a perfect bralette size. Here are a few conversions to get you started:

  • Extra small: Bra sizes 32 AA, 32 A, and 32 B
  • Small: Bra sizes 34AA, 34 A, 36 AAA, 32 B, 34 B, 32 C, 32 D
  • Medium: 36 AAA, 36 A, 36 B, 34 C, 34 D
  • Large and Extra Large: 38 AA, 38 A, 36 B, 38 B, 36 C, 36 D

Training Bras Versus Bralettes

Are bralettes the right stepping stone between camisoles and bras? It depends–bralettes offer minimal support and aren’t usually adjustable. They don’t have hooks, which can be helpful for young women learning to put on bras. They are also not ideal for high levels of activity, such as sports or typical outdoor play.

Training bras and transitional bras are made to grow with your daughter. The Chickadee Seamless bra on our website is the perfect example of this. It has all the perks of a bralette, such as an elastic band and soft material, without leaving her feeling limited. The Chickadee has adjustable straps, whichprevent bra straps from slipping on small shoulders. It’s still a pullover bra, making it perfect for tweens getting familiar with bras or young women with disabilities.

Which One Is Best for Her?

When selecting the perfect everyday bralette, you need to factor in sizing, comfort, and activity level.

If your daughter would prefer a bra that is comfortable, breathable, and suitable for both sports and lounging around, our Luna, Aspen, and Chickadee bras are perfect choices. We offer our own sizing guide for each bra, converting our Yellowberry sizing to Standard Girl Sizing, as well as underbust and overbust measurements.

If she would prefer something with a little less support, bralettes are another great option. Most bralettes, however, are made for more developed women, so the sizing and adjustability of your bralette may fall short of what she needs.

Embrace Growth

Puberty can be nerve-wracking, but it’s also an exciting time. At Yellowberry, we recognize that young women want to step into their own style while feeling confident. We offer an array of styles, training bras, sports bras, and bralettes designed specifically for growing women. Shop around and find her perfect fit today!