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Can you wear seamless underwear under yoga pants?

Yoga pants are perhaps the comfiest item of clothing we all own–but a lot of    girls' underwear   peeks through, which isn't ideal if your daughter is a little self-conscious of the dreaded VPL (visible panty line). Seamless underwear is the easiest way to keep comfy without those pesky seams being visible through dress-down pants.

Teens and tweens are at one of those stages where their tastes can change by the minute, but a perfectly made pair of seamless undies will always be a firm favorite!

How Is Seamless Underwear Made?

If you’re unsurehow we define seamless underwear, it's just as it sounds. There aren't any stitches, bands, or seams that can rub and show through a pair of yoga pants or anything tighter-fitting. Girls often opt for seamless if they're into dance, sports, gymnastics, or similar activities because there's no visible line that shows through a leotard or sports uniform.

The underwear feels like one piece of fabric (thanks to some clever manufacturing techniques)--they're light and smooth, so your teen can forget she’s wearing anything at all and focus on all the more important stuff.

We don’t uselatex in seamless underwear, as it's sometimes the culprit behind nasty rashes, skin irritations, or even allergies, and there's nothing fun about wearing underwear that makes itself known!

What Is the Benefit of Seamless Underwear for Girls?

Yoga pants and leggings are like a second skin, as a super-simple piece of clothing found in just about every girl’s closet. The issue with so many outfits is that a closer cut shows up anything underneath–including underwear.

Seamless undies solve countless problems that can make girls feel less confident, like lumps and bumps under their clothes, visible panty lines, and elastic that digs in. Taking out the seams but keeping a classic bikini style or full-coverage panty is perfect for tweens and teens as a lighter option that is just as wearable as regular underwear.

It’s a simple concept, but one that means teens can wear whatever they want, without a second thought about whether their underwear is on show, and we could all do without a tight waistband or harsh seam making a dent in our day!

Have a really shy teen or tween who is worried about which underwear to wear under yoga pants? Try a neutral-colored set for maximum invisibility power, which won't show through even paler colors.

How Do I Wash Seamless Underwear?

Yellowberry is all about making life stress-free, and you'll be happy to know you can toss our seamless panties into the wash with everything else. They're dryer-friendly, too, so you won't need to cause any conflicts by hanging your daughter's underwear on the line!

The seamless fabric is specially made to wick away sweat, with great breathability for healthy skin, and a four-way stretch that provides a balance between staying power and smooth support without digging or chafing. You won’t need to worry about shrinking, either, although we suggest going for the next size up if you’re stuck on sizing!