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What Does Seamless Underwear Mean?

Girls' seamless underwear is a must-have for teens and tweens, but if you're undecided about whether it's worth buying, we'll run you through some quick tips so you're up to speed.

The basics are that seamless underwear is invisible–when it's under clothing, that is! There aren't any stitches, seams, or elastic bands that dig in and show up under anything tight. Girls can wearseamless underwear under yoga pants, cheer outfits, and dance leotards without ever worrying about whether anyone can see an outline of their undies.

Seamless Versus Standard Girls Underwear

The secret to seamless is thatseamless underwear is cut to avoid any sections where the material gathers, bunches, or needs to be sewn together, creating that ridge.

It’s not all about appearances, either, because millions of girls and women get rashes and sore spots on their skin where seams rub. Stitching around the leg holes can be particularly annoying, and during an active day, it can become pretty painful if the panties are a bit on the tight side.

Many girls prefer seamless panties for the anti-VPL (visible panty line) benefit but also find that they're much more comfortable, with soft, breathable material that feels like it isn’t there.

Is Seamless Underwear OK for Sports?

Sports can sometimes cause a panty problem because it's difficult to find great underwear that is supportive and stays perfectly in place but isn't noticeable through clothing–seamless is ideal for any activity, whether a full-on sporting event or a casual hike with friends.

Underwear that is kinder to the skin and wicks away sweat is a bonus and ensures your daughter will feel fresh all day, regardless of the challenges she tackles! Some conventional panties also feel restrictive, even if they're well-sized because the stiffer fabric doesn't move in the same way.

Yellowberry seamless panties are made with a four-way stretch fabric that molds to each unique body shape and won't let your daughter down or get in the way of achieving big aspirations.

Which Seamless Panties Should I Buy for a Teen?

Everyone has different tastes and preferences, so we at Yellowberry have created a few amazing seamless panty styles so you can pick and choose whichever fits best!

Bright, bold colors are great for a boost of confidence, or neutral and white tones are brilliant for subtle underwear that won't show through thin or pale fabrics.

The Scout seamless panty has full coverage and is a good option for girls who are used to traditional underwear. It has that classic shape and support but with the extra movement, comfort, and feel of a premium quick-dry fabric. Our Twistr version has a bikini cut and slightly slimmer fit, with specialist seamless fabric, sweat-wicking properties, and, of course, no elastic waistband in sight!

If you’re not sure which to add to your basket, you can ask your teen which style they like best or treat them to one of each to mix and match their underwear drawer to suit their mood or outfit as they please.