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Can You Tumble-Dry Seamless Underwear?

It’s important to care for your daughter’s clothing properly; otherwise, you’ll have to keep replacing them before she grows out of them. What a waste of money! Girls’ seamless underwear can be tricky to care for, but we are here to show you how.

Today, we’ll show you how to dry and machine-wash seamless underwear. These tips and tricks are perfect for your daughter’s favorite pair of seamless undies, and work for all types of undergarments, as well.

We don’t recommend putting intimates in a machine dryer–they can become twisted and tangled in other clothing, stretching out the elasticity. The high levels of heat can also ruin your daughter’s underwear, as the heat can wear the fabric down more rapidly than wearing them, causing stretched and loose fabric, resulting in an uncomfortable fit (sagging, wedgies, waistbands slipping down, etc).

How to Properly Dry Seamless Undies

Instead of using the dryer, lay the panties out on a towel to air-dry or hang-dry them on a clothing rack. If you must dry them in the dryer, tumble-dry them with no heat or low heat. This may seem pointless, but heat will destroy the elasticity of the garment, which is vital to underwear’s longevity.

While you shouldn’t use a dryer, don’t dry your daughter’s intimates in direct sunlight, either. This speeds up the fabric’s aging process and will have you buying new panties sooner. It can even make the colors fade, which your daughter likely won’t appreciate.

How to Machine-Wash Seamless Underwear

Seamless underwear holds up best when it’s hand-washed, so you really shouldn’t machine-wash it unless absolutely necessary. If you find yourself in a position where you have to throw your daughter’s panties in the wash, though, make sure you turn them inside out first and place them in a lingerie bag. You should also use cold water, because hot water damages the elasticity on the panties.

Once they are in the bag and in the washing machine, set the cycle to “hand-wash” or “delicates.” These settings will be thorough enough to properly clean her intimate items without being too rough with the fabric and stretching them out.

If you’re in a pinch and need her undies dried quickly, letting them air dry might not be an option. Instead, keep the intimates in the laundry bag you washed them in, and place them in the dryer on the lowest heat setting–this will dry them quicker than the clothesline with minimal wear on the fabric. By keeping them in the bag, they won’t get twisted up in other clothes or snag on any buttons, allowing them to maintain their integrity.

Closing Thoughts

Drying your daughter’s delicates the right way will keep them intact for longer. If you haven’t been drying them properly, it may be time for some new panties. Yellowberry’s seamless underwear is perfect for girls ages eight to fifteen, and we offer them in a variety of sizes and colors. Check out our selection today!

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