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Padded Bras for 7-year-olds, What??

Good Morning everyone! Yellowberry Founder and CEO here, and I have something to share with you.

Today is an important one - I woke up this morning to an article both in my newsfeed and forwarded several times to my inbox. Perhaps you came across the same one:…/shoppers-disgusted-primark-…

My own frustration with the oversexualization of girls in our world is what prompted me to start Yellowberry. In fact – it was exactly this experience. I browsed those same padded and pushup bra options made specifically for my little sister and girls her age. Seeing those bras felt not just weird, but entirely unnecessary and inappropriate for Mary Margaret to have to wear. But, there was nothing else for her to buy!

Out of that failed shopping trip, after seeing what little girls were expected to wear, and a gut feeling that it was all completely wrong - Yellowberry was born.

Almost four years later, my team and I remain focused on building products that simply allow girls to be girls. We want to celebrate girls and the amazing things they can do each day, rather than rush them to grow up so quickly. Our products are made with the goal that girls can wear them, and never feel pressured to look, dress or feel a certain way. Our bras in particular are made with the best possible materials, of the highest quality, and are free of all padding, underwire or unnecessary “features.” Girls everywhere should have the freedom to feel confident in their skin exactly how they are, and be able to grow up at their own pace.

I don’t feel it’s my right to have a final say over what is or is not appropriate for young girls to wear. However, at the very least it is my job to create fun, colorful and comfortable products for girls to wear the empowers them focus on creating, doing and accomplishing amazing things every day.

Yellowberry was created to support girls – both literally and figuratively – while they go out and take on the world. Last time I checked, no padding was necessary.


p.s.  the lovely photo at the top of this page is not one of Yellowberry's, just to clarify :)