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Iron Maidens. MUST SEE NEW SHOW.

Hey gals- 

I am so completely blown away by a show called Iron Maidens, and need to tell you about it pronto. 

Last week I had the privilege of watching the screening of a brand-new television show, Iron Maidens.  I was intrigued about the idea of following high school girls throughout the year on their all girls robotics team… But didn’t quite know what to expect.  In fact, I was pretty skeptical of how impressive these robots could reeaally be.  I know that sounds terrible, but I must admit it because I was so, completely, 100% wrong.  I had no real understanding of Robotics, nor did I realize what it takes to build a robot. These girls are truly amazing, and their story deserves your attention too.  Let me explain.

The girls in the show are students at the Bronx Science School in New York.  Impressive on its own, each of these girls were also poised, mature, driven, savvy and super smart.

Getting to know them throughout the series, seeing their triumphs, struggles, teamwork and problem-solving were inspiring to say the least.

We watched these girls throughout the season build, compete and work together as a team towards a singular goal.  Not to give too much of the plot away, but the journey, build-up and ending left me speechless.  And not necessarily because of what happened, but because this was one of those beautifully raw, unbelievably real and strikingly authentic stories of amazing young women. 

I was completely enamored with these girls and what they had done. Their story was fantastically inspiring, their skills were enviable, and their ability to work together as a team was enlightening to watch.  Especially when so much of what we see in shows and online is petty and without substance, this series goes against the grain in a way that is important for girls, boys, men and women everywhere to see and pay attention to.

Looking at the bigger picture, here were my takeaways and what I thought this show delivered.

  1. Girls are f*cking smart. Obviously. We need to talk more about that.
  2. When pushed, girls rise to the challenge.
  3. Young women need to be taken a lot more seriously than we often are. These girls are capable of so much, and after this show I can hardly imagine what will be next for them. That’s inspiring for me, and these are the people that I want to be able to look up to.
  4. Content with real substance like Iron Maidens is necessary for us all. It’s fine to want to read and watch shows that don’t necessarily teach us anything or make you think… But,

I am so much more optimistic about tomorrow when I see things like this happening.  It’s exciting, endearing, and another way to see what girls everywhere are capable of accomplishing.  More than you would expect, and then some. 

Watch this show on PBS, every Tuesday night. First episode airs September 12th.

xo, Megan