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Are Balconette Bras Good for Small Chests?

Balconette bras are often recommended for women looking for bras for small busts, but they’re not ideal for growing teens, with reduced coverage and underwires that can be abrasive and tough on younger skin.

The half or three-quarter cup on a balconette bra is designed to enhance cleavage and isn’t normally a style that girls will find comfortable to wear.

We’ll look athow to find bra size for small breasts, which styles are a great option for developing chests, and some of the features we incorporate into our Yellowberry ranges built specifically for teens.

What to Look for in a Bra for a Developing Chest

Let’s start with sizing, which is a hugely important factor if you’re picking a beautiful set of underwear for your daughter. Get it right, and her bra will ensure she has the essential support, coverage, and comfort without straps that pinch or underwire that rubs.

Adult bras are based on standard sizing, so in the US, you'll need to measure the following:

  • Your chest size (sometimes referred to as your back measurement), which is the measurement around your ribs just underneath your breasts
  • Your cup size shown in lettering, such as a D cup
  • Your clothing size if you’re purchasing matching underwear

Now, the challenge for teens and younger girls with a small, developing chest is that their sizing is incredibly likely to change pretty quickly as they continue to grow. Even non-padded, non-underwired bras designed for adults will soon be too tight and restrictive because they aren't created with fabrics that are supple, soft, and flexible enough to accommodate growing bodies.

Yellowberry size charts make picking a great bra for a small chest easy, with underbust and overbust measurements, plus comparable clothing sizes, so you can buy with confidence.

Choosing Materials and High-Performance Bra Designs for Teens

The next consideration is the fabric you pick based on the issues we've mentioned! Every bra in our range for small chests has innovative, carefully selected materials that maximize comfort and stretch without compromising support.

You’ll find a wide range of options, including:

  • Four-way stretch fabrics that move in every direction, with double-layering and natural antimicrobial properties for all-day freshness and comfort
  • Quick-dry fabrics, which wick moisture and keep teens cool even during busy schedules or sports activities
  • Blends of nylon, spandex, and natural cotton, without unnecessary padding, wires, or scratchy fabrics incompatible with sensitive skin, such as lace

The whisper-light feel of our teen bras isn’t a coincidence; it’s a specifically engineered feature achieved through fabric selections, using double-layering and lining for that all-important support.

If you need a great bra for your daughter to ensure she has the right fit and feel, we’d recommend underwear created for teens and tweens with small chests, over a balconette bra, or any other alternative adult underwear design.

Which Teen Bra is Best for Full Support for a Small Bust?

Girls can feel super-conscious of their chest, and a full-coverage bra with adjustable straps, extra-soft finish, and perfectly balanced support is a fantastic choice. Our Joey Bra is a wonderful option for older and more developed teens who want a bra that feels mature but has that signature lightness with a classic bra silhouette. Strong, breathable fabrics ensure the Joey is highly supportive.

The Butter Bra is another popular choice, with a matte-brushed finish, the style and texture our bras are known for, and a spandex blend that provides total support while retaining as-new condition even after repeated uses.

As a final recommendation, the Wish Bra is ideal for growing chests, with full coverage, an elastic torso band, and a U-shaped back feature with multi-function straps that are both adjustable and convertible. This bra can be worn with straight straps or as a racerback, offering flexibility and great fitting support while working with any outfit or uniform.

The biggest priority is to focus on fit, fabric quality, and comfort since a bra with amazing support can make such a difference to girls who want underwear that makes them feel confident and properly supported without being a nuisance to wear.

For more inspiration on great bras for teens with a developing chest, please visit our curated collection of underwear styles, with colorways ranging from bright, fun pops of color to discreet neutrals and seamless options for invisible wear under any clothing.