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The Absolute Best First Bra Ever Created For Girls. Modern lines make a clean and simple design. Smooth, cozy, super soft cotton that is the perfect step into the world of wearing bras. We use an extra thick cotton fabric–of a quality that is unmatched in the industry–to provide even more comfort, coverage, and support for your daughter.

No Padding Needed, Ever! Every Yellowberry Bra is double layered with high-quality fabric to ensure full coverage and support, always.

Perfect For girls who are looking for their first bra. Plus, any girl who would like a fantastic, simple cotton bra will love the Ladybug.

Different From the similar Pipit style because of the thickness and weight of the fabric. The Pipit is made from a lighter Pima Cotton, whereas the Ladybug is in a heavier Cotton. Choose the Ladybug if your daughter wants the best possible coverage for her first bra.

  • Cotton Spandex Blend
  • Adjustable and Convertible Straps
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)

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Customer Reviews

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Tell all you mom friends - Ladybugs are awesome

My 12 year old has been resisting the idea of a "bra" for over a year now. She's sensory sensitive, especially to clothing. We went to the mall for a first bra shopping experience and had a pleasant mom/daughter afternoon, but zero success in finding first bras. Ladybugs are awesome! After trying it on, she declared it "soft" and "comfortable for a bra" (haha!). She has been wearing it since without fuss. I appreciate the thicker fabric, that they fit her thin ribcage, and have adjustable straps that extend to accommodate her height. Highly recommend!

Great first training bra

Very well made, love the adjustable straps! Highly recommend! We will definitely be ordering more!

Can’t get enough!

My 11yo received two Ladybug bras last year and is requesting a third. She never wants to take them off! Really impressed with how these bras have held up - over a year old and no discernible wear. And my daughter washes her own laundry so these bras have ended up in the dryer multiple times. No issues! Comfy, soft, supportive.

So great!

My daughter loved her new bra, beginning with the gift wrapped box. She felt so special and put it on right away. It was her very first, so we only ordered one to make sure she liked it and it fit. She decided on the second day that it was too tight, so we'll be returning it for a larger size. But she's super excited because she knows her size now, loves the bra, and gets to order more colors!

a great starter bra!

Fitted, comfortable, and vibrant colors…no complaints so far from my girl!

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