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GREAT Starter Bundle :: Gimme S'more

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Color Family

We put together a super easy, super classic bundle of Ladybug Marshmallows for your daughter. Every girl needs her basics, so when it comes to her bras we made your job even easier. The Ladybug Marshmallow is one of our most popular bras because it is practically seamless and can be worn unnoticed beneath anything...Which our Berries all love. The Ladybug is fully lined in the same luxurious 12 ounce cotton that is on the exterior and a terrific starter bra!

  • Bundle includes three Ladybug Bra :: Marshmallows
  • Yellowberry's original "first" bra, but with added softness!
  • Adjustable straps
  • Tag-less and free of all metal hooks and wires
  • No padding, but extra thick lining to ensure full coverage
  • Machine wash and dry (to make everyone's life easier)
  • Great for a younger girl as a first time bra
  • Made in the USA
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