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Simple Pima Cotton Undie Bundle of Six

Size Guide
Underwear Size Chart
Color: Wildflower
Lupin Swirl
Size: XS/8-10

This Bundle Contains Six Pair of Pima Underwear. After listening to feedback from the Yellowberry community, we designed these with the utmost care and critique from moms and daughters far and wide. With a full coverage bottom and soft cotton construction, we think the Simple Pima Cotton undies are the best pair you could buy.

  • Fuller coverage bottom means no cheek peeks
  • Pima Cotton with a hint of Spandex
  • Elastic waistband
  • Machine wash, tumble dry

*This bundle is excluded from most sales and promotional codes

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Great Find

My 11 year old was looking for underwear without prints and didn't leave lines when wearing leggings. Regular stores offered nothing that met that criteria. She is still too small to wear any women's sizes. I stubbled on Yellowberry. So thankful I did. She is loving the brand.

Great fit

My daughter loves these! They fit great and feel comfy!

Excellent First Bra Experience

I looked all over for a first bra that my daughter would like, was comfortable for her, and felt appropriate to me. Yellowberry delivered on all accounts, and my daughter loves her ladybug bras.

Danielle B.
She loves them!

My daughter loves these underwear. She says they’re very comfortable.

Sabrina M.
Great Underwear

This underwear fit very nicely. My daughter likes the solid colors in stead of the silly designs that you can get in other places. The cut is more mature than what she has had in the past but, she likes that.