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Ladybug Bra

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Color: Morning Mist
Morning Mist
Size: XS

The Absolute Best First Bra, Ever. The Ladybug is our #1 best-selling bra for a reason. Built with a thicker, double layered cotton fabric, it ensures full coverage and support. Often copied but never equaled, it was designed to be a spectacular first bra (which it is!), and it has also become a go-to everyday cotton bra for all levels of development. From the cute colors to thoughtful packaging, we deliver the best possible first bra experience with this style, as well as one the most comfortable bras in your daughter's top drawer. 

  • Every Yellowberry bra is built with strong, breathable fabric that provides complete coverage - meaning no padding needed, ever.
  • Convertible straps for straight or racerback style
  • Machine Washable

Customer Reviews

Based on 518 reviews
Angela M.
Nothing like it!

The ladybug bras are amazing. We live in a major metro area and I think I went to every store that sells bras for girls--nothing compares to these! They are pricey but I hope they work well as hand-me-downs for other family members. They provide plenty of coverage without creating a "cupped" look so your girl doesn't have to look more curvy than she is. We had a problem with cotton sports bras because they were too high in the front and were thus visible at the collar of her school uniform, but these didn't have that issue. We live in a hot climate so my daughter initially wanted something lighter, but she needed this amount of coverage and gradually got used to them... she loves them now. I'm so thankful for these!

Kris D.
Great quality

These appear to be great quality. Was looking for something comfortable and easy for my daughter, and these seem to fit the bill nicely. So far they’ve held up in the wash. Fast shipping, too

Erin V.
Great quality but poor exchange policy

The bras are super great quality and my daughter was so excited, but we decided we need another size. Cost me money to send back and yellow berry deducts $7.50. So, I unfortunately have not ordered more. Not sure I want to risk it.

Alexie D.
I wish I had this when I was younger!

I just can't get over how soft these are. They are very well made and not at all scratchy!
I remember my first bra - and I wish we had YellowBerry 20 years ago!

Kendle R.
Perfect First Bra!

can't say enough wonderful things about this company! My girl loves her very first bra! It's thick enough to provide coverage, but thin enough that it's soft, comfy, and doesn't show through her clothes. It's a perfect, first, every day bra! We bought the Aspen as well and it's just as great; we love it for sporty styles!