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Seamless Underwear for Athletic Activities

Whether it’s the Presidential Fitness Test, ballet lessons, or softball games, your daughter is going to move! The journey into adolescence is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking–now that her body is growing and changing, locker room time can be a place for insecurities to creep in. She may compare herself and her garments to those of her peers—is she “still a little kid,” or is she growing up too fast?

The truth is, the media congests her life with confusing messages. Young girls are pressured to grow up faster than they’re ready to and there aren’t any stylish options for comfortable undergarments that match what she’s looking for. As a parent, you want her to feel empowered in her clothes, not pressured to be anything she isn’t.

This is why we recommend the best no-show underwear: Yellowberry’s Scout and Twistr seamless panties. Whether your daughter is wearing a leotard and tights or yoga pants, these seamless panties won’t upstage her performance or cause discomfort. Our mission is to provide young women with comfortable undergarments that help girls do what they love without sacrificing style.

Benefits of Seamless Underwear

For years, the solution for no-show underwear was thongs. Just mentioning the word can evoke feelings of discomfort that you’re sure you aren’t ready to expose your daughter to. Luckily, you don’t have to.

Seamless underwear is made up of a blend of breathable fabrics—this is typically cotton blended with either nylon or lycra. This blend allows the fabric to be breathable, stretchy, and fitted to her form. The fabric is cut with laser-cut technology rather than the traditional sewn seams on the side, which is what creates a smooth, fitted appearance without any bulky stitches or elastic digging into her skin.

This underwear is comfortable and undetectable underneath clothing. Both our Twistr and Scout seamless panties are made with recycled, high-quality fabrics so you can feel good about purchasing environmentally-friendly fashion without sacrificing style or comfort.

It’s also easy to wash and care for seamless underwear. Simply toss them in your mesh delicates laundry bag with your other bras and underwear, wash with cold water, and let them air-dry just as you would do with your other undergarments.

Finding Her Style

Another major benefit of seamless underwear is that it comes in a wide variety of styles. Your daughter can have seamless underwear that comes in boyshorts, thongs, high-waisted, and full-coverage bikini cuts. This means your daughter isn’t limited to just one style—she can mix and match to find the cut that best suits her.

Even beyond her underwear choices, having underwear that so seamlessly integrates with her other clothes gives her freedom of expression. She can experiment with her style and embrace her individuality without feeling self-conscious of panty lines. If she wants to express her style from top to bottom, our Twistr seamless undies come in a variety of colors, from pastel periwinkle or neutral nude tones. Our Scout undies also offer bold colors, such as red and lime green as well as muted tones and whites.

Choosing a Fit

As your daughter levels up into tweendom, shopping for underwear can introduce the topic of hygiene and care for her body. We all know that swimwear and underwear that is too small or tight is more than uncomfortable—it’s unhygienic.

Consequences of Tight Underwear

When you wear underwear that is too tight, it traps moisture into a dark space. This can cause bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections at worst, and noticeable smells and discomfort at best. Our goal is for your daughter to grow up “the easy way,” in that she doesn’t have to experience the pain or embarrassment of navigating her personal health the hard way.

How to Measure

When choosing a size for seamless underwear, be sure to refer to our sizing guide on our product pages. We recommend wrapping measuring tape around the widest part of her hips to get an accurate fit. If her measurements fall between sizes on our chart, go with the nearest size up–this will allow her room to breathe without it feeling too loose or bunching awkwardly.

Wrapping Up

Seamless underwear is the perfect option for your daughter’s favorite athletic activities. This underwear is comfortable for sitting in her chair at school, dancing across the stage for the school musical, or shooting the winning basket in her basketball game. With the full-coverage offered by our Twistr and Scout panties, she doesn’t have to be distracted by discomfort and can focus on what she loves.

When selecting the right fit for athletic underwear, we recommend using a tape measure to get an accurate fit. If she’s between sizes, always size up. Underwear that is too tight is more than uncomfortable, but it can have negative health effects; this applies for all underwear–not just seamless!